Indian Femdom

Memsahib JI’s socks are so nice, as she relaxes, fully clothed!

Ma’am was right there!

In a park …

She’s not remotely fit – she could be classified as obese – nigh obese.

With rolls of fat – worshipworthy FAT spilling out from under her waist!

Fat face, all decked up in blue, with another friend of hers… (equally poor physical condition).

They were lying there in the park, and Madam – or Memsahib, being she is Indian (I believe!) – was lying there on her stomach, eating something, oblivous to the world, shoes off, and SOLES dangling!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yall will recall that one of the most Profound Poses I wrote about in the book on it – on her bed, stomach – feet up, CALVES visible, soles dangling – all cucks and footboys are familiar with that pose, and how it makes them salivate and drop to their knees to worship instantly!

Makes ANY WOMAN, even those not dominating – look so nice, so dominating, the sheer nature of the pose!

And, this went a step further.

Ma’am wasn’t just covered, she was heavily clothed (winter attire).

Her feet weren’t visible, just a fat dirty sock, and a fat calf, from a distance.

But I was leaking, looking from a distance, as her lovely SOLE dangled, and her socks, the dirty, grimy, bottom of her socks – I remembered Ms Priyanka, and what she made me do with those socks – post her tennis match!

That remains one of the most inventive and innovative femdom techniques ever and you’ll have to read “Serving an Indian Goddess” to know more about it – and what she did.

Another highly innovative book in that regard – or rather the way I was dominated, “bruised” and tortured, hehe – “Krystal – the teaching Assistant that was ANYTHING BUT!

You guys simply MUST get the books above, my friend.

And back to Memsahib…

She’s so NICE!

All I could think of was pressing her soles repeatedly, dirty socks and all, and the calf, while she lay there, ignoring me,occasionally commanding me …

They’re her socks.

It’s her foot sweat.

IT’s holy.

And thats all there is to say!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the books above NOW. You guys will LOVE THEM!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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