Indian Femdom

How Ma’am used to, and LOVED to – squeeze my lovely lemons.

When life gives you lemons, what do you do ?

Make lemonade, of course.

Or, as a certain girl once told me “make lemon cake”.

Yours truly the “Real Mc Coy of Femdom”, and forever a PRincess Joanie and Pooja Memsahib … JI! fan – says this too –

“Squeeze them, get the juice out!”

Now, the cuckoldry, humiliation, none of this is new – even the scat worship – for these two lovely ladies.

One Chinese, 24 – the other Indian, 55 plus – both the polar EXACT SAME mentally, and the younger/older version of the other!


Even their feet look the same, the red nailpolish does too. Hehe.

Their kicks, the cuckolding – all of it!

But anyway ………….

For someone as well versed in getting my bollocks kicked, someone who wrote the very well received, and ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND MANUAL on this out there – Ball Busting 101 – for someone that literally pioneered these MOST INNOVATIVE ballbusting techniques…

… its funny, but I haven’t used most of them at all on myself – for the MOST PART.

Trust me, I’ve had it all done to me.

Or I wouldn’t write about it to you, period. Mike Watson TESTS everything out for years in some cases before telling YOU.

Remember the tale of the lady I wrote about in this email?

Well, on the topic of strong ladies – Pooja Memsahib is another strong lady – but she drinks way too much these days, hence the stature is not quite that of the other lady I wrote about – NOW!

But years ago, Ma’am was the same!

And those rolls of fat – SO SEXY!


But anyway, the grip always goes last on a real strongman or woman – as my fitness friend keeps saying.

And Pooja Memsahib was NO Stranger to busting my balls, except she wouldnt even kick!

Those lovely legs wouldn’t lift up, hehe.

I’d lift them up literally as she lay there, she wouldnt even make the effort of lifting them up post massage, what aQUEEN!

Ditto for Joanie.

And when they wanted to squeeze my balls, well, I’d just stand there on command.

Bits dangling.


No POW! kick.

No tickles.

No gentle knees.

Just an interested look, sometimes a nipple tweak.

And then full on – they would just GRAB the balls and SQUEEZE!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And often time, right after?

They would do these two things –

Flick my nipples – always – but just ONCE

And put a gloved finger in my ass, or usually that buttplugremote controlled – I so love, and CONTROL IT!

And the sheer pain – and lust – together?

Had to be seen to be felt!

And as I’d sissygasm, the PAIN – and ectasy – was BEYOND COMPARE .

Both of them.

Blue balls?

Mine were literally yellow?!

And that, my friend is that.

Lovely yellow skin doing it too (Chinese and Indian ladies).



Mike Watson

PS – Here is BallBusting 101 – truly THE definitive course on this.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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