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I’ve been remiss! I haven’t been licking Rachna Malkin’s feet as much as I should have… :(

I dare not call her my wife. Hehe.

“I dare not” was something a lovely Sophia once giggled at me, for a different reason. (I asked her to publicly humiliate me by stomping her foot on my face at a coffee shop, of course, she giggled uncontrollably at that. How cute!).

anyway …



Those lovely penises are up too – and one just messaged me saying “I’d love his toy!”

He means his dong, it’s shaped to the SIDE, that would hit a woman’s – or sissy’s – pussy SO WELL!

That shape, and those dongs need to be worshipped different too. Penis Central for more on that, truly the DEFINITIVE guide on this.

Anyway …

As I see my wife sitting there, lovely fat legs sprawled out, SOLES visible, that look of annoyance on her face as always, lazy as always … I feel so weak!

And so fortunate to have an Indian Goddess like this in my life.

She’s been staring daggers at me even more as of late, she’s on her period, and I haven’t been licking her feet as much as I should for various reason!

Ma’am, I’m so sorry!

And last night she screamed – snarled at me –

“This would never happen if you were licking my soles as usual!”

And, serving her on her period!

Ma’am, if only you knew.

I’ve been busy trying to find MEN – real men with long cocks that actually fuck and not just stay “sissy soft” and only get hard when looking at other men’s penises … for YOU!

And one guy I saw from the Middle East the other day, I so wish you could have his penis NOW.

He’d really give it to Madam properly!

And she needs it right now, some relaxation and rest…


I’ve been remiss.

But I plan on rectifying that NOW.

And for the rest of you, for a sneak peek as to what my wife is like (BEFORE you send her messages wanting to be “with her” – she’s choosy, I’ll say that!) – pick up the odes to her HERE.

And, another great little read – Indian Femdom Recollections …16 examples of Indian FEMDOM at it’s very BEST!

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Make sure to get some Indian femdom books NOW.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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