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Bhagwati Ma’am – your DARK blue toes tell a different tale! Heh.

FROSTY silence from the SO as Madam enters, after that unannounced holiday.

I  love how she strides into the house as if she owns it now. Hehe.

So she does, it’s HERS, I’m just the slave in waiting!

And I noticed her lovely feet, toes painted dark blue.

“Did you eat halwa” yesterday, I grinnned.

She giggled.

No free lunch, she said (referring to some “pandara” – which in india are free food giveaways organized by temples etc).

Madam probably makes it at home too!

Anyway, I asked her what was up yesterday.

BP, she responded.

I heard “biwi” (wife in Hindi).

Huh? Your wife, I said.

She giggled again, and said it again, then I got it.

BP? Madam? With all her work, the bragging about how much she eats and doesnt put on weight (well other than a bit which I so love to WORSHIP around her tummy) … I dont think so!


She is on the move from morn – evening, unless it’s overwork which it might well be, poor Ma’am, she SO needs a massage! – then I Dont think its BP. Hehe.

Those toes tell a different tale though!

That lovely cougar, “sherni” in Hindi that literally shows up “on tip toes” – this lady used to stand outside my room before asking “Sir, can I enter”.

Today, as she strode in without care, I so loved it!

IT’s working!

And I wanted to just drop down and kiss those toes, do everything I said I would, instead, I chatted with her like another woman. Hehe. Bhagwati knows all, I giggled, finishing a tale of “is this woman married to him” (the old geezer I wrote about in the other ode).

She does know all!

And shes so nice.

Ma’am, if my SO wasn’t here, I’d pay you right now, and massage you for hours.

And paint your toes.

No coincidence its dark blue with the light blue I saw on the young girls toes today!

And I’m back to manifesting


Mike Watson

PS- Those toes tell a differen tale. Ma’am was resting, relaxing, getting pampered as she should. Hehe. Only an anklet is missing! 😉

and, her favorite color is dark blue. I haven’t asked. Yet, i KNOW!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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