Indian Femdom

She’s so fine I – and YOU – would turn GAY for her.

Some women are SO fine, in fact all are, I mean, but before that …

This isn’t because of what a certain Aaron once told me, drinking beer outside in the dorm discussing chicks.

“If she’s fine, I’ll LICK that hole”, and he went on to make the motions, spreading her ass cheeks with his hands, and then licking, putting FACE – in!Ā 

Quite one of the ways I recommend in Ass Worship 101, but naturally, I take it to “giddy” limits – so should you. From both ends, no pun.

Its not because of Aaron’s long cock – which he once proudly displayed to me before “apologizing”

“I’m sorry, Mike!” when he saw me shocked, I wasn’t expecting that on his computer!Ā 

But in the same breath.

“Im not embarassed in front of other men”, he went.

Now, this isn’t because of the lovely girl he brought back to the dorm room later, it isn’t because of Aaron’s dong, which is STRONG and thick most likely even now.

Cut head, just lovely, the balls big.

And there’s one like it in Penis Central, I’ll let you guys guess whih. muah! xo


I still – and no, it isnt because of – remember my So BACK in the day saying “I’d show him my tits for you!”

I felt SO humiliated, but she would. Hehe. And she meant well, like Madam Su.

Except she wasn’t that direct. Hehe.

And she didnt know how much it turned me on from a submissive standpoint.

Maybe subconsciously she knew. Maybe thats why she – in spirit – in body she is no longer with us – visited me the other night!

Anyway ..

It isn’t b/c of that.

It isn’t b/c of my CURRENT S.O. Writing me long emails about how much I love cock, and “you like boy’s penis” taunts, and me begging her to put it on Face book .

Though Mike Watson does not have FB, I’ll be glad to get one! Hehe.

Maybe I will and out myself, one day maybe, we’ll see.

But anyway – – – its because, well, y’know, some girls are just so drop dead gorgeous, they just have it!

Actually all do, theyre so dominating, the more the better!

And what better male equivalent of showing devotion than sucking another man’s dick for her ?

I can’t think of it! Hehe.

Can you?

I doubt it.

Jyoti Ma’am, both the one I’m talking to now, and back in the day in Serving an Indian Goddess was, is one … Both! Maybe I will – nah, I’m sure I’ll find a way to tell the former this, see her reaction. Hehe. She was surprised I wanted to call her Ma’am, and asked me why, but subconsciously she knew. she KNOWS. And I call her that anyway, along with Princess, because she IS!


Paye lagu Jyoti Madam … JI! You’re too nice!

So is the Japanese Goddess I write about so much, my lovely Indian maid too!

Some of the sex workers in China who’d ask me if I liked men!


Ma’am, I’d truly be GAY for you – just give me a chance, and I will!

Paye LAgu, you’re so nice, gorgeous, sweet and DOMINANT, as it should be!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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