Why I’ve been thinking of grabbing BREASTS as of late!

Why I’ve been thinking of grabbing BREASTS as of…

Dear Friend,

I saw an Indian Goddess last night.

Kangana Ranaut, a lady who apparently even her Twitter handle is “Madam Something”, so you can well imagine! 

I know nothing about and of bollywood, and don’t particularly wish to know either !

But I saw some of her movies with Priyanka (Madam Priyanka, remember?? PRessing her legs, that first movie…) ..

She was on that big couch, me, although there was plenty of room, it felt so natural to press her shins, and initially thought surprised, she just sat back and enjoyed the movie, those two hours, so lovely in the dark room, she didnt have wine next to her is the only complaint!

Thank you Goddess Jyoti, and Paye LAgu, you KNOW IT!

Even now, with your “fat arms” and three kids.

I love you – and it – and that!

And I wrote the first book on YOU for a reason, and named you Priyanka for a reason, and I say this as my balls well, and my dick does not get hard.

It doesnt need to.

I get more pleasure from it not getting hard than any amount of penetrating you would … 

But thats funny!

I’ve been thinking of doing just that as of late.


I saw a picture of Kangana Ranaut the other day – with a dress that covers just the bottom part of her boobs, and I had to grab!

Of course, I didnt. Hehe.

But, those boobs stared at me.

And, remember.

I’ve hardly had a shortage of women around me ever in my life.

I’ve touched galore, most of all in those Sin city Recollctions, all true.

But right now?

I’d touch her skin, her soft skin, her shoulders, upper arms, I’d kiss her, I’d put my fingers on her lips and she may or may suck the finger …

(this is for ANY woman, not Kangana)

And I’d squeeze the boobs much like the studs do, but all the while Id…

I’d bring her fingers to my NIPPLES!

And as she flicked them, looking into my eyes, or angrily away (remember THAT girl at the massage parlor – literally too good to touch my dick!) ….

I’d just spurt.

(though if she gave me a REAL SOLID HANDJOB – I’d love that!)

And she’d find a real man to have sex with!

Life, my friend, is so much fun.

Now, how to handle Princess Lucy.

Her of the many men. 

“I want to do with you!” she keeps saying, despite me INTRODUCING men with the longest cocks ever to her!

Truly, a lesson unto itself. Hehe.

And something covered in CUck Central … But that book is useless, friend, without first introducing her to true femdom.

And the tips on that are right here in the world famous, one and only, and only book of it’s kind.

Trust me, a whole new world awaits for YOU.

Are YOU willing to take the “plunge” – pun or not?



Mike Watson

PS – Dont make the mistake of just getting Cuck Central and thinking it will work. It won’t, friend, and if it does, just to an extent.

It’s the real deal yes.

But its stage 2, 1 which you must get and which sets the base for all – right HERE.

PPS – Nipples on men is one of the most IGNORED THINGS EVER. Ignore if you like – most will after reading – but do so to your OWN DETRIMENT!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!