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As I think about Rachna Ma’am devotedly as I always do, and she FARTS – loudly – wet fart – right then…

Yes, I know, I know.

Its supposed to be unladylike to fart, to belch, to lie down with her legs splayed out straight on the bed, to never do housework, to live like a slob etc…

… Yet, men live the majority of their lives this way – most of them!

And no-one ever censures them, funnily enough women themselves tell them to “find a woman to take care of them!”.

If men can do it – so can WOMEN. Right down to sleeping with multiple partners – and be OPEN about it like Madam Su for one – goose and gander, my friend! Simple as that. I’ve always said it, I say it even NOW.

And one of the things that Rachna Madam started doing (I cannot help but call her Madam even though I dont need to!) a couple of years ago even more – was FART!

Not that I cared.

You on this list that has read Pooja Memsahib… JI!, Serving an Indian Goddess – and such – KNOWS THIS!

Worshipping her bodily functions, her periods, her shit, her urine, everything that comes out of her body is holy – we covered that in the first Volume of 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME!“.

But it’s just her farting, it’s so nice!

The more she farts, the more I think … and this is really what I should have put as the title of her post i.e. why STOMACH MASSAGES Are key for her, and you too!

In China, I dont know if I mentioned it, but Sin City Diaries likely has it, the ladies would often rub my then corpulent tummy in clockwise and anti clockwise directions.

The chinese have this belief “moving the fat helps it GO” – which to an extent it might, I dont know, I think exercise is the real key along with diet, but it DOES improve your digestion, it makes you feel better, these are all verifiable facts.

For most, again.

Feet, back, head, all very sexy but stomach?

Thats boring, people would say!

But most women love junk food my friend, and their stomachs – if they aren’t seriously into fitness, and even if they are sometimes – stay upset a lot!

Those of you again, that have read my Indian femdom and Chinese femdom books probably know this, and can tell the difference, and in India of course, with all these spices and what not, it’s worse in that regard!

And every time Rachna Ma’am farts even now …

I SO want to massage her stomach … help her digest, and ask her to fart, and thank her for it, according to her “it’s natural dont be embarrassed!”

Even if it wasn’t, I’d thank her for it.

Thats another key, my friend, several of them, if you can pick ’em up!

And believe me, most women fart – they just do it when you dont know!

And to find a guy who admires them for it, doesnt think badly of them for it, who cares about them to that extent – trust me, my friend. Another golden key this… if you will USE IT! No, not all women, not most women, prefer to be “made up and pretty” all the time make believe..


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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