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When she finds fault with what you do – natural reaction!

Often times, even now (well, especially now), when I come back home, Rachna Ma’am is resting at home doing nothing particular – other than watch videos which is her wont, heh – and RIGHT! – and chatting on the phone I feel this urge to drop down, and press (now) her socked feet and soles!

For no reason, she has already GOTTEN plenty of body massages, not just foot, all she has to do is think it pretty much and it happens. Hehe. I truly drop everything I’m doing and rush to one of the pleasurable tasks ever, serving Ma’am!

Just like I like to touch her feet randomly throughout the day … 

“Ma’am, please let me have 5 minutes of your time” 

“Ma’am, thoda sa time mil sakta hai?” 

You see, Madam hates to be disturbed when watching videos, or in general!

And often times I wont even ask, I’ll just start massaging, she’ll extend her sole, shrugging as if to say – if thats what this idiot wants – yet again – let him do it!

Not like he’s getting any from me, is what she thinks.


So it should be!

But each action , each step you take in that regard sears it further into her subconscious – and importantly? YOURS, since you want it, you have to get it in a way it works!

Initially it wasn’t always this way though – she wouldn’t even let me NEAR her lovely soles sometimes!

When I did dishes, she’d find fault with them – despite me doing it as she told me to.

It happened this morning.

“Mere chai ka bartan mat dho!”

(dont wash my tea utensils).

Madam has some strange rule about when things should be done, this is one she still has not told me, but I just did it to make her life easier anyway, Madam deserves clean dishes – all of them – and to walk into a spotless kitchen to INSPECT it even if she says she wont …

… but she found some fault anyway. Hehe. That often happens when Madam wants to talk to me, but isn’t sure how to!

Not to mention thats another cardinal rule of REAL FEMDOM – Madam will ALWAYS find fault with something you do, boy, thats her right as a lady!

And often times, I’d report to her about dishes, laundry.

She’d shrug, and say “whatever, your choice”.

Well, she’s right in a way.

But most would get turned off at this point, expecting “play” to continue in real life as in “Good, boy! Now here’s another task!”

Thats not how it works in real life, friend.

And plus, it’s like learning a new skill for you – and HER both!

For you, if you, sissy, are new at doing housework, there will be a learning curve, often not sexy and pleasurable.

And it’s like with any other skill, a true teacher, and ladies are the best at this – will ALWAYS, and should – correct you, even if you dont like it, thats how it works.

For HER, if she’s never been into femdom, GETTING her into it – – and even if she IS into domination – – often times with handsome alpha males in front of her – it will take her time to get USED to it, and start rolling off the dialogs that you as a sub expect (which you should, dont get me wrong).

The key my friend is what I write about in all my books.

Influencing her thinking – INDIRECTLY!

Not directly – thats a huge mistake people make.

And here, DOING – repetitively is key yes. The repetition like I told you yesterday is what really brings the subconscious into play, like Claude Bristol said, like I have sitting on my desktop even TODAY …

Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction things begin to happen.

And they do, often times with femdom much quicker and easier than you think.

The bigger key though is this – you THINK about it all the time, which if you’re into femdom, you will.

A combo of both done right will bring femdom results like NOTHING Else will, my friend, and my books linked above and here – “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that wll attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME” – will explain it all.

We also have books showing how real life works in this regard – all true tales.

If you truly want to learn about REAL femdom, as opposed to just wacking off to it, then you’re at the right place, my friend.

And your reaction to the above … especially when you just start, should be to nod and say NOTHING (or just agree as you would normally). Remember, Madam is saying what she is – but she is THINKING SOMETHING ELSE! Let it HAPPEN!

Paye Lagu, Rachna Ma’am. You’re so nice, I’d eat those dirty socks for lunch!

Odes to this lovely Goddess and Queen here


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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