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The ball and toe massage I just gave my wife, and why putting up with her mood swings is KEY …

First, the second part.

You’d think it’s pretty obvious to me – to me it is, anyway!

And so – it is NOT going to be in Volume Two of “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME on auto pilot!

But I’ll mention it here briefly, my friend – essentially women all have mood swings – dominant or not

And dominant women display them even  more, obviously!

More than her rebuking you for a job already well done (which will happen, hehe, and I wrote about this before, and this one is so important it WILL be in Volume Two) … her mood swings, that can be a real turn off for many men.

And yet, the bottom line – you find a way to make it sexy !

This evening, my Madam was shouting at me for no reason.

“Why must you keep washing dishes!!” (all I did was ask mildly if a certain utensil had to be washed -because, when I washed it in the morning, Madam shouted at me “dont wash this!”). 

You see, dishes here get done ALL The time, perfect Madam Rachna prefers a spotless kitchen sink amongst many other things.

You’d think her mood would be somewhat better when it get done on auto pilot, but my tricks have done their tricks. Hehe. She is ALWAYS finding a reason to complain which is how it should be for a truly dominating bratty woman – and so sexy!

I could have argued

But I didnt.

I smiled, and said OK.

And said “because I was washing something else anyway” (therefore I asked).


So it should be for you too.

Anyway,  if you do this, you’ll see her mood swings disappear – pretty quick to be replaced by a GOOD moood.

Of course, what lies in store later … we never know!

Since this has gone on for so long, I think I WILL put it in the book … amongst all the other great tips!

But anyway, so there she was, lying in a blanket after I took off her pink tennis shoes, draped up as always, only the balls and toes of her foot showing, thankfully she didnt kick me in the head when I bent to respectfully massage her feet!

It was just a ball and toe massage, but both are areas, and I’ve written about this so often, people ignore – in terms of doing the whole foot.

And dont get me wrong here.

Doing the heels, balls, WHOLE foot – arch – all of it is important, but the bottom of the toes have so many connections to the brain and your entire body my friend – so do the balls of your feet – to your CORE. (in general).

I might have got it wrong in terms of specifics (I’m not an acupuncture or reflexology expert by any means) if I was too specific – so I told you generally!

And she enjoyed it – I think.

Brief 10 minute massage, now if only that SMILE would come out like it did today for Pooja Memsahib… JI!

Maybe the heavens will smile again, hehe.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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