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Massaging Nandini’s feet as she rests, relaxes, talks on her four phones to …

Madam is such a Queen, I’ll say that. That GLEAM in the eyes as she unwrapped her new phone – I’ll never ever forget that!

Truly dominating, of course, for a 19, now almost 20 year old girl who was supposed to get me a credit card, yet from the first day on, it was nigh evident that credit cards were hardly why she was talking to me, hehe – “Nandini Malkin“, if you guys remember that one! (there were plenty, I’ll post here shortly too) …

… it isn’t surprising, eh?

And as I chatted with her today, I asked her how many boyfriends she has now. 4, or 49, I giggled.

“Abhi to just 1”

(In Hindi, it translates into “1” for now. For now being key!).


Anyway, her new profile picture – her arms, her FEET are showing too!

Not a coincidence either, and right now, all I want to do is put her feet in my lap, press them while she chats to her boyfriend. Hehe.

Funnily enough while writing this, Madam messaged me back …

We’ll see what she says, you on this list will be hearing a LOT about her – stay tuned.

For now, remember, Cuckold Compilationscuckolding is truly the best joy ever if done right, and with the right LADY. Hehe.

And make sure to pick up some sizzling hot books on Indian femdom. 

I gotta go, Nandini is messaging me! Hehe.

Back soon


Mike Watson

Ps – I never did get an answer on why she has so many phones. Probably watching videos on each, hehe. I’m trying to tell her not to destroy that lovely BRAIN of hers – hehe. Of course, she listen to me? Never, so I’ll just press her feet while she ignores me… Hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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