Indian Femdom

A queen by birth (right) is she. Paye lagu, madam…ji!

Working out in the park in the heat in a state of utter exhaustion, something happened to me that happens all the time. Routine. An Indian maid covered from head to toe – she even covered her face so the sun doesn’t hit it x – pointed her soles at me..

Brown,.lovely, tired, dirty while Madam slept. On the phone etc. and I worked out, those soles looking at me all the time.

As I left finally – but I’ll return soon – I trust Madam will be there; the toes even seemed to wave bye at me!

All through the workout I wanted to massage her feet and calves as she slept blissfully in the sun.

I’d probably collapse with exhaustion doing it like a true slave. But that doesn’t matter. All that does is HER pleasure, relaxation . . . Squeezing each tired toe, the beautiful gravely ARCH . . . Kissing the SOLE if it permitted me the honor, the top of another lady’s toes nearby (painted bright RED). . .

Nothing new I know.

But as Madam Mie said while eating strawberries.

These strawberries have a quality worthy of a Queen!


But you, Ma’am, I responded are far worthier of that description. A true Queen by birth…

…and so it is with the supposedly downtrodden Indian lady.

She knows her place. So do I. Hehe.

And that’s it.

I love it.

A long time ago, the venerable Princess Joanie made me go into the sea in China to “cure” blisters that I got all over my back while massaging her for hours in the sun. Like a true Malkin in India she not only would NOT allow me any rest,but would not allow me even the tiniest bit of shade.

And the way she laughed as I made my way back in pain to fix her drinks. My! That said it ALL!!

Kisses, Madam. You’re so sweet and nice! X


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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