Indian Femdom

Jaise ghus raha, waise ghusa …NA! Ghusa…NA!

Well, dear reader, the “JI” is one thing I keep writing about, don’t I?

Garima Madam, that perfect female FORCE OF NATURE taught me that so well indeed!

Garima Madam … JI!

Don’t forget the JI, boy!

And hence my JI in front of the “Paye Lagu, Malkin … JI!”


But “Na” is another Hindi expression, signifying more “force” as it were.

“Daba, NA!” 

MEans press x 10!

Kar, na!

Means do it x 10! 

It adds emphasis, actually.

This afternoon as my lovely Indian SO and myself were fixing a water machine (curiously enough yours truly broached the idea) … she was telling me to “put a pipe in”.


In that irritated, frustrated, EXASPERATED tone she often uses with yours truly CUCKED and sissified, hehe.

I’m not a real man!

“Marrying you (so she says, since she has been living with me for God knows how long, and Goddess knows how long when we were NOT together if that makes sense has been the biggest mistake of my life, boy!” 

In India they respect their husbands, somewhat. At least externally if not internally.


My SO?

Anythin but, hehe. BUTT!

And on that note, when I put my tongue in her lovely butt, she says much the same thing.

“Ghusa na!” 

Put that tongue in, BOY! 

And perhaps both these reasons are why she showed up in an exasperated manner in my dreams last night, which I wrote about in the email on the other site, hehe.

Now, when we first started “doing it”, she often tutored me on HOW despite being a virgin herself. Hehe.

“Aise Ghusa! Wahan! Yahan!”

Ghusao, actually. a more romantic and “respectable” manner of saying it. Back then she actually respected me.

PErhaps that large BANK balance I had at the time (still do, so maybe thats not it) had something to do with it.

As Madam Venus so rightly and ADROITLY SAID.

“Money is the most important, boy!”

I like men and money – – but MONEY more!


Anyway, my SO.

The poor girl didnt understand it wasn’t me putting it in the wrong places. It was that my dick wouldn’t stay hard, as opposed to when I’m worshipping her!

She would never have had to say that to a REAL man who’d stay hard and do it! 😉 

Now that she knows my sissy tendencies, the first time she probed me she said the following.

“Biwi pati ke le rahi hai!” 

A colloqial way of saying “the wife is fucking the husband”, hehe.

And she did it ROUGH. OUCH!

But she said I was being rough too when I fingered her!

But anyway, that anal region needs to be probed with care, and rule number one, or at least one of them I mention in the pathbreaking Sissygasm Central?

Is to be GENTLE!

And use lots of lube!

Curiously enough or maybe not though my SO did like a randy man would, hehe.

And she never bothered to do it after the first time. SHe wants real men, boy, and she’s probably anything BUT exasperated when talking to them.

Which is fine.

I accept and LOVE my sissy lot in life.

But she’s actually more masculine in many ways than you’d think despite our external appearances saying otherwise.

When it comes to FIXING things around the house … she’s usually the one with the brain.

Admittedly I’ve got the brawn.

Years of being told I couldn’t resulted in the fitness biz that Miss V now CONTROLS, and the external brawn, but the sissy and feminine side of me NEVER went away. It only appeared more! 

And still does in my dreams too!

Curiously enough, I’m the technie when it comes to taking apart and fixing computers.

Interesting how all this works, eh.

Being brought up in a Nazi feminist family has advantages, and disadvantages. 

The former – well its obvious. 

The latter – obvious too, or should be! 

And you truly have to be on both sides to experience the sheer joy of either submitting or DOMINATING!

Yes, my friend.

It isnt “that simple!” Trust me on this one.

And on that note, I’m out. BAck soon!


Mike Watson (or should I use my real name, hehe).

Maybe someday I will!

PS – Indian femdom is something I experience almost daily and is dear to my heart. REad some of my stories right here – Mike Watson’s tales of Indian Femdom.

PS #2 – Remember to pick up the definitive course on SISSYGASMS – far better than ruined orgasms – right HERE – SissyGasm Central.

Too hot for Amazon. They even banned it there, hehe. Well, they banned the Sissy Reader, actually . . .

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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