Indian Femdom

Confident, dominant and successful – what more could a man ask for!

Ma’am, you’re so nice! Muah.
Ever since i saw her – well, specifically last night – she’s been on my MIND.
Big time!
And as I sit here waiting for a computer reinstall to get done – she’s in my mind again.
She reminds me SO of a certain Priyanka Ma’am – in many ways – right down to her look, and those lovely legs and heels of hers!
She’s an older lady whose posts i often see on Twitter. But last night, one of her pictures REALLY stood out – more than just her legs? It’s the VIBE! MY!
Madam seems to be a political analyst or something – at CNN, I believe, not sure, but her aura is what matters!
The two go together.
So they should!
And they attract SUCCESS – which Madam is successful too!
An older lady not shy to show her best assets off,
An Indian Goddess that KNOWS deep down inside shels superior!
And she flies from country to country, those are my thoughts. What more could a REAL man ask for?
Other than to be at her feet, give her massages, which Madam must be so tired traveling between places – i know how that goes. Muah!
Id just be happy to press her legs all night while she relaxed after clubbing, chatting with men, whatever she wanted, no strings attached, like I did with perfect Madam Jyoti! 
Shine her shoes, iron her clothes, give the working lady what she NEEDS!
Women SO deserve that. 
My lovely S.O. once sneered about a certain Priyanka Chopra – as if to say, well, “put shorts on any girl, she will look good, theres nothing so special about her!”.
Coming from a lady who so adroitly pointed out that women are each other’s worst enemies and is as catty as the best of them – what could I say. Hehe. Not that I would say much anyway!
Ma’am, that’s the thing people don’t get – it’s the VIBE, that dominant vibe that attracts and KEEPS – forever!
Feet,legs, heels, fetish, the whole shebang.
All of its great!
But it’s the VIBE that matters.
And back to thi stunning Goddess – I SO hope Madam gets a LONG massage post flight.
Paye lagu, Madam …JI!
You’re TOO NICE!
(She even got me to do something I NEVER would, something i absolutely ABHOR – write this on the dumbphone! Ugh ..hehe)
(and hence more typos than usual, hehe – so be it!)

After devouring the best quality of food on the planet for 3 weeks, I’m not surprised that Japan has the most number of Michelin stars and more importantly the most number of 3 Michelin stars in the world. The quality is too refined and superior.

Madam, from what it seems loves soccer. But that comment she made on food – so apt!

“Madam, just like you – right down to the Michelin grade”.

And, as I get the computer back up and running “aint that SO true”.


I’d truly wash your feet and drink the water, Madam. You’re that gorgeous – the VIBE! (and all of it. I could write forever on this!!).

And thats the spirit in which all of my Indian femdom was written (actually, ALL my work- books, manuals, ALL of it)  – all TRUE – and all …well, so FROM THE HEART, which is what matters, counts, as I say on one of my businesses, or so goes the tagline “from the heart”.

Get some NOW. The true femdom lover wont be able to put ’em down, that I promise!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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