Indian Femdom

And all I see around – saw around me – were… FEET!

Truly, attracting femdom on auto pilot without even thinking is what it’s about.

Truly, as I went out to the park today?

I saw this old lady sitting there, calloused old heels showing, with her slippers off.

Fetish was the last thing on my mind, I went there to shoot a movie for a fitness gig.

yet, it CAME on my mind, instinctively, I just wanted to drop down, and offer her a foot massage anyway, if just for a short while! (I had to be somewhere, so …).

Post this, I returned to the park later, to film another set of videos.

I did that.

As I did so, an old lady showed up – sat down on the bench next to me (at that time I was trying to figure out which video to take – then I got it – the splits!).

And so naturally she put her feet up on the bench.

I was sitting there on the ground in the splits position.

Nothing out of the ordinary?

Well, two more girls showed up – dark skinned, and sat down on the bench facing me, and took off their shoes.

I tried desperately – and failed, hehe – to concentrate on the video, the workouts…

In the distance (at this point, remember, ahead of me and in front of me) – feet! Socked and bare, the soles showed – and in the distance, another lady showed up, and sat down.

This lovely Madam was wearing shoes …

And presto, as I turned to the sole free side – no pun – two more ladies showed up, exercising – on their tip toes. Hehe.

Where can I start.

It could be the maid sitting around, their dirty calloused feet, SO screaming out for help … it could be the two young girls with dirty soles – BLACK soles, almost .. it could be the regal older lady, I so wanted to BEG to press their legs, feet, and thats all while they relaxed in the winter sun!

Life’s so much fun on auto pilot, is it not?

And that, my friend – those are the sort of results you can expect from following what I tell you to do in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from Mainland China” – a book that is truly one of a kind worth its weight in GOLD – – and of course, if you do what is said in both Volumes (working progressively UP) of “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations to attract femdom to you … like moths to a FLAME – on auto pilot!”.

And thats that.

Back soon!

Oh, the sheer DEVOTION I felt, the sheer submissiveness, urge to please.

Ma’am, Paye Lagu …

You’re SO nice! muah xx


Mike Watson

PS – If these sort of workouts – fetish workouts – enthuse, which I’m sure they do?

Then Sissy Workouts is YOUR baby, my friend.

Get – or place the pre-order for it now, truly, like all our other products, something very different, something sensational “in the works” so you’ll want to get your order in NOW.

And why did I choose the splits? Well, felt so natural in my natural place, always at their FEET, under them! Paye Lagu, Madam … JI! Too NICE! I cannot begin to say …

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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