Indian Femdom

The state of the maid’s lovely SOLES Today.

My, those soles are so lucky for me, my friend!

And my state today, I was thinking about touching her feet for hours, pressing them – it kept going around and around in my mind as I saw girls all around me (more on this later) – and finally then her, with those lovely BROAD feet, gleaming toenails, and so NICE – she sat down! I so wanted to talk to her … she even paused for a minute when she saw me.

I think we both at this point dont know what to say to each other after the conversation yesterday.


Ma’am’s feet are soft as ever, but they looked more tired today – her friend was with her – the older lady, and another maid – with toes spread wide, long feet so nice!

My friend, even after reading all the stories of ATTRACTION I send you – it seems SOME OF YOU -well, quite a few of YOU – if you’re getting this, you’re one of them – aren’t DOING what it takes to manifest such attraction to yours in terms of getting the products I’ve repeatedly asked you to get.

Look, I can’t guarantee results in anything. No-one can.

Other hand, if you do the thing – in this case?

The results are practically guaranteed – practically being key, I aint even kidding, I know that sounds contra-DICK-today-tory – hehe – but its TrUE!

GET the books, my friend. I cannot imagine why you wouldn’t want to after seeing proof, results in front of your eyes??

A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland. 

16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME – ON AUTO PILOT!!!!!!!!

and 25 Odes to Indian maids, they so DESERVE IT!

All of the above should and will play in your mind all the time.

THAT will manifest results for you, but you gotta DO THE THING FIRST, GET THE BOOKS!

Damn, the number of girls around me, EVERY where I go – even the beggars in India I do NOT like, the female ones were prodding me in the shoulder today which I was wondering, what if I prodded them that way in the shoulder? SLAP!

Then again, they know that.

ONe even thought I was “angry” when I didnt reply to her.

But, I wasn’t.

I was shivering with lust, I so wanted to kiss her dusty CHARAN, holy feet! a

These women, literally, all so nice, and I’m magnetizing them on auto pilot, all these lovely ladies, and I’d like to be grateful, kiss each pair of feet, massage them, wash them, everything …

And I will.

And so will you, if you follow my instructions above!

The maid makes me SO WEAK.

I’m SO OUT OF WORDS, I so want to just prostrate myself under her soles, and sh eknows it.

Paye Lagu Malkin, Ji. You’re so dominating, so superior, so nice, I’d never have an orgasm again if you told me (come to think of it?All I do is cum in pant anyway! Hehe).


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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