Indian Femdom

On my 2mm Peter, and more…

Pakistani femdom, almost!

But it’s equally brutal as in India – the SUBCONTINENT is brutal in all regards, femdom NOT being an exception to that rule, right down to the language etc used.

An Indian lady from Mumbai did some narrations for me on Audible on another business I run (Miss V, anyone? 😉).

And though we were looking for an American accent on that one, her Indian accent – so sexy it is isnt it!! – and her mispronounced words, her ‘natural’ speech patterns – all of it was SO NICE that I almost touched her feet to say thank you right there – in a completely and non decidely fetish business!

And I encouraged her to keep learning, keep being NATURAL – that vibe showed!

She took ALL my feedback on board, and then some.

Its never about accent or pronunciation my friend, it’s about the vibe – first and foremost – I’ve gone hoarse saying that, so many folks still dont get it.

Anyway, she was a bit reticent to do Serving an Indian Goddess – but presto, as I met Radha Ma’am online whose like a Goddess sending me messages (and her feet – just HOLY, bar none!) – messages through the ether, hehe – while Madam hardly even acknowledges me (neither should she! Hehe with my 2 mm peter … more on that later) …

… A lady who I believe is either from Pakistan or the subcontinent- sent me an excited breathless audition for the same book above!

And she loves the book. I can tell!

She might not be into femdom NOW.

But – I sent her three emails saying she was PERFECT For the role. And I HAD to end off by saying Paye Lagu, Madam – you’re perfect for this narration.

With all her imperfections, she is PERFECT – isnt that women in general ?

SO TRUE, Ma’am, as Madam Ivy once said, “Chinese girls are all queens”.

Women are in general!

And even those not into femdom.

Por ejempelo, the Vietnamese lady I’ve been going ga ga over for the past few days, her of the big white cock – giggled about my “2 mm peter” – and that was so nice how she laughed and did that!

That description STUCK. Hehe. I loved it!

And she sent me a message saying “I could cum to her, and that … she’s not too good at the Dom thing, she knows, but she hopes she doesn’t disappoint, and … ”


I knew you were a natural at it the minute I met you!

And like with Daniya, like with Radha Ma’am, like with so many other girls I’ve been with – CONVERTING – or should I say BRINGING the innate bitch out in them, the DOMINANT side – THAT Is so much FUN, all of it!

And trust me, it’s there in ALL women. Hehe. Even those who crave big white cock publicly … Hehe.

My book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” teaches you how, “Rachna Ma’am” is but ONE living proof it it – and trust me, big cock or not, a man’s place is ALWAYS ultimately under a woman’s foot.

And the sooner you realize that, the better!

Anyway – where does this leave tiny peckers?

Or you with one?


Like the Bozo that can’t get enough “Glyn Schofield” – our patented tiny pecker humiliation page, unlike ANY other out there is HERE.

Apply today, be outed …

… and more!

No-one does fetish better than us, and thats a fact.

So drop (no pun) the objections, and dive in – NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – And yes, if you’re an exhibitionist, we cater to that too! Hehe.

PS #2 – Edit, I saw Daniya’s submission early in the morning while I was still half asleep, part of me wanted to do what I do always, approve it NOW! (and listen to it). Somehow I knew she was the one.

Yet, for once, I didnt “do it NOW” (which one always SHOULD). Hehe.

I still believe she’s the right one hours later, when I woke up and checked it. Hehe. Time till tell … So will goddess!

I’ll keep you posted!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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