Indian Femdom

Pulling your ear – or leg – or both?

Nah, this isn’t about playing “tugga” as I wrote about once in “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE! and have him salivating for MORE!”. 

Madam Dani had more than a few questions about that – it’s indeed a great great technique to use when adminstering a ruined orgasm, but this is about an Indian mistress I saw online on Twitter tugging a slave’s ear.

Now, those things like spankings to the butt “pants down, boy!” – pulling ears – making kids kneel (ugh) – which a lot of us experienced growing up, never as adults, or in India, the practice of using language to refer to superiors “tu” being used for “inferiors”, “ap”, for superiors”, “tum” for equals …

… all of those things have such an impact femdom wise!

The movie “Sobhibor “showed how the Nazis literally humiliated grown men by shouting out loud “pants down!” and adminstering public whippings that way, more than the pay, the degradation, the humiliation is really what tore the prisoners down, and femdom wise – again – that makes for a great fantasy – or session.

I still remember a little kid once automatically moving her head away as I once moved my hands towards her ears.

So cute, not that I ever physically punish anyone – other than subs, hehe – I hate it.

But really speaking, doing that to grown men, adults, groveling – while she laughs, like Madam Megan did (Sissy Confessions) – “a grown man that wants to be humiliated, so sad, so pathetic!”

And it is!


Indian ladies, my friend, have their own brand of unique domination you CANNOT find anywhere else in this world, language and “all” as they say there – replete. Hehe.

And to learn more about their style of domination, and read, enjoy a bestseller, world class book – – you owe it to yourself to pick up Serving an Indian Goddess NOW.

And thats that!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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