Indian Femdom

The frazzled, irritated Indian lady!

As I was walking to the bus stop after picking up smokes, there she was! There was SOMETHING different abot her that instantly caused me to look at her – and her feet which I would anyway, simultaneously – not the latter first.

Irritated, tired working woman like another Goddess of this nature that turns me on so, won’t give me her number, hehe – yet gives me coy inviting smiles …

… what stood out?

Perhaps the unique shade of blue, neither light nor dark – light sky blue is say on her feet – not pedicured. Hands not manicured either…. but the bright red nailpolish stood out!

I knew this was going to be a lucky day since this morning. They all are, signs are always nigh if you notice them…

And so it was, in this regard with ALL the working class ladies and maids i drool to so, ruin my orgasms to do, have so many sissygams to – all of them were there, showing FEET and lovely soles!

I’ll keep you posted as all this unfolds, I’m trying to process the magic myself!

In the meantime, you can and should pick up some Indian femdom related products here.

And that’s that.



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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