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Smelling MY SO’s WORN socks …

And she has sexy feet and LONG soles, and yet they’re so cute and worshippable!!

Paye LAGU .. MADAM .. JI!

Not like Pooja Memsahib’s, who has small and petite feet (nothing at all else is petite about her tho other than her BUILD, hehe).

But female feet are female feet, boy!

And your place is at them. Or mine, is, actually.


Anyway, MY SO did laundry today!

Cardinal sin, you might say.

Well, you may be right .. but all she had to do was press a button on a washing machine, hehe. The rest was all done.

By yours truly, and as I took out the clothes (it’s cold and rainy here, and the machine is “outdoors”) I noticed a pair of socks AFTER taking all the laundry out.

Odd, I figured.


Maybe they’re freshly laundered, and I missed them, or accidentally dropped them so she saw and put them back on the machine for me to collect …

Maybe. I dont know.

I smelt them.

A warm, “smelly” feeling, but it was nice …

I asked her.

“No!”, she said. “Those are unwashed!”

I was just wearing them, she giggled.

“I just took ‘em off, boy!”

And now you smelt them, she continued …

Indian women are nothing but if not deliciously dominant when they dont consciously want to be, and I’m not sure if she meant to put ‘em there, but she did, and I smelt them!

Much like I did with Ms. Priyanka in Serving an Indian Goddess (far more extreme!)

And much like I worship Pooja Memsahib NOW – which is REAL extreme stuff!

Indian girls are just gorgeous, and thats ALL I got to say about THAT.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

You truly DO deserve it.


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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