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Oh my God(dess), perfect Madam Su!

In Soulmate, an Indian movie i just started to watch, a possessive and jealous woman with a cheating boyfriend does black magic on the “other” woman. That’s the tale at least. I’m only a minute into it, just unpacked snacks,but My!

Oh MY!

Madam, PAYE Lagu, memsahib…ji!

I knew there was a reason I chose this movie to watch tonight, and why I turned off a maybe interesting gane to watch it NOW.

She greets the boyfriend who was supposed not to come at all, then he shows up, hurried, yet somewhat late, Madam is somewhat, not completely, mollified by his “there was an important client” response, then his phone rings. Oops!

And she goes ballistic.

Show me the damn phone, asshole!

He doesn’t, they fight – physically – end up on the bed with her legs spread, and well, passion erupts!

My, the way she was lying there, legs spread, wanting it!

Reminds me of Madam Megan, Su, all of them, I just wanted to press her feet as she makes out with him, traditional, missionary style, kisses hot and PASSIONATE!

Passion is what we are all about, why we do what we do – Su too. She wasn’t do jealous …but, posessive?I’ll never forget the lovely and do true statement she made on WeChat without even meeting me, our first conversation!

I can have other men, but you cannot have any other girl!

And then the usual cuck conundrum, a very tricky one indeed, if you truly love me, why would you want me with other men. Hehe.

As Carol, probably the only woman i would NOT want till this date – no pun – with other women once told me… What is love?


What is love?

Not so much a question as a matter of fact statement, she was right.

Back to Su. So was she!

As I later recall her saying, we ALREADY know each other. So sage – ess, so true!

And this passion only us cucks know, the conundrums well – if you truly want your cuck relationship to succeed at the very highest levels, believe me, it can – and can open up doors for you, no pun – like you never ever even imagined in your wildest dreams – then doing it the way most guys do , bringing it up the way they do? Is utter fucking disaster.

Cuck Central teaches you the right and only way my friend.

If you’re truly interested in incorporatung cuckolding into your relationship done right and believe me, this done wrong can ruin your relationship beyond repair – then get the book NOW.

Learn, implement, be sure and read the review too that a certain “Rose” left for it. So apt, his name – nah, no sissydom there Daniel! Great narration too, unfortunately no longer there on ACX. He learnt a lot from the book as you’ll see in his review!

So will you.

And opening up doors you never dreamt of you say?

Well, cuckold Compilations has that described so well, but to get there, the actual experiences – you gotta out in the WORK, the hard yards no pun that aren’t that hard really first.

Give first.

Then you’ll recieve.

Blessings, pun intended.

From the best places ever beyond your wildest dreams.

Pun intended!

I’m itching to get back to the movie so I’m out.

Get these courses now!.

Back soon.



PS – and edit, while watching that movie, so aptly named soulmate – in glad I watched it now, or I’d be interrupting dinner several times to write to you – as it was, just got done with laundry, true cuck style hehe – i remembered Sophia, and those lovely soulmate comments!

In the movie of course they’re both, lovers, soulmate comments were made by the cheating guy which in itself is telling. Girls make those comments first, especially if you’re in bed with her!

But the question, a most interesting one – can everyone be as lucky as I and fingers flying adni write this, be just soulmates and not lovers?

I remember discussing something similar with a friend of mine once …

And how if there is a mental bond, even if she’s in bed with someone else, married to someone else, then the sex apart, the mental bond really counts, who she talks to all day, thinks about all the time, etc.

Just soulmates??

I doubt there can ever be some form of sex taken out of the equation.


So it should be!

Else why would it happen, and that’s that! Back soon. 😉

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Mike Watson

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