Indian Femdom

Madam was scared, taking her heels off….

Herself – which is a pity!!

I’m watching another zone out movie which is driving me nuts with lust – no pun. Love in Taxi or something.

Like with the last movie i wrote about on the other site, man, the opening scenes told me why I chose it!

A scared girl. Running away from crime. In a panic. And more – man – in these situations you just help the person no matter what!


As she hurriedly takes her heels off, I just want to hurriedly do the same for her!

True femdom is even in those situations, even with nothing sexual, you know your place and do it anyway!

No woman should have to put her own shoes on, take them off, wash her to wn feet etc. .that ls a real mans place!

And the sooner the “relactr …” – what’s the word? On the tip of my tongue, you know what i mean – obstinate males of the world realise that the better!!!

Female dominated world it is, was, and forever shall be.

To Madam -; I don’t even know the name of the actress, but …

.. I’m so sorry the director didn’t have a  man to do it!

And that’s that.

Join me in the spirit of true femdom here, and speak with your wallet mh friend. It’s the only meaningful way – like the girl in the other movie correctly told a guy, like Nandini tells me  – i (she) does nothing for men without money.

So sage, so it should be.

Thank you, Ma’am

For everything…

You’re too NICE!!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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