Pooja Memsahib’s perfect ASSHOLE, and the WASTE that comes out of it …

Pooja Memsahib’s perfect ASSHOLE, and the WASTE that comes…


Unlike my cock, hehe. (nah, it’s actually not small…Cuck Central explains that more!)

But I’m hard at work on two new BOOKS.

Novels, for a change (as of late, I’ve been putting out far more courses and manuals – Princess Joanie was my last novel, but that seems to have changed with some inspiration I just got this morning).

Which of course stemmed from thinking about Pooja Memsahib intensely last night, and Princess Sophia’s special brand of humiliation.

“You can never touch me or have sex with me, boy!”

And is it any wonder that the books are dedicated to these two lovely ladies?

Be on the outlook for books on both of them – coming soon!

(in fact, one of them even has a blurb on Princess Joanie!)

And as for Pooja?

Well, this wouldn’t be complete without an excerpt from the BOOK, which is in turn REAL LIFE (how I actually did it!)

Here you go!

What an Amazonian Goddess, I remember thinking, as her floppy breasts flopped around and Madam strode confidently into the bathroom, those lovely SOLES rising with each step!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI! I said it anyway!

“Chup kar na!” , was the irritated response. She had to go, and quickly, judging by her gait!

(Shut up, can’t you!)

And I did.

I was going to say sorry, but I rushed inf ront of her, lowered the toilet seat down for her so her lovely self could SIT on it for an act she DESERVES To have worshipped, because she’s a true INDIAN Goddess!


And therefore, and as I said above in terms of worshipping WASTE … well, you read that part didn’t you?

If not, go and read it again.

And then let’s put Memsahib into the picture, and you’ll UNDERSTAND fully what abject humiliation, devotion, and love in a submissive, sissy, servile way is all about with Indian ladies (and ladies in general, really).

But we’ll “stick” (pun not intended) to Madam Pooja here!

Anyway, a lot of Indians, especially those NOT from the so called “upper classes” or those that aren’t rich choose to use the far more healthier SQUAT toilet.

Something Ms. Priyanka taught me a lot about!

She’d use a comfortable Western style throne. Indeed, it was padded for her too!

But I’d get the smelly servant’s toilet outside …

And squatting in that position either to take a dump or to worship her was something both Garima Madam and Ms. Priyanka did to me. Pooja Memsahib was no exception to that rule, and believe me, while that is a HARD position to get into for the most part for most “from the West” or used to Western ways of sitting etc, its also one of the HEALTHIEST ways out there.

She sat down.

And went instantly.

As I laid face down on the concrete floor, nose touching the ground, while Madams feet “played” on my back.

Sometimes she’d press down with her toes. Sometimes not. It was like I was a inanimate footmat, and nothing else, and truth be told, in ancient India, that is how kings and queens WENT!

With slaves in attendance to wash their asses … with their fingers!

Pooja Memsahib never made me do that, but it is a skill every person that has grown up in India has probably learnt (at least the older generation).

But anyway, the “western toilet” was a luxury in terms of Pooja’s thinking, so she used that now. Along with toilet paper!


I heard her turds hit the toilet bowl, the water …

And as she strained to get the last bits out, the stench was overpowering.


And as for the rest?

Well, I’m hard at work finishing the book, so you’ll have to wait for it. But don’t worry – it won’t take that long. Another two or three days perhaps! You know how it is when yours truly gets TRULY INTO …flow!

For now if abject servitude and UTTER DEBASEMENT AND HUMILIATION of the nature even slaves of yore probably never faced is your thang (and especially with Indian women), then pick up the Indian Goddess series right here – you’ll love it!

Garima Madam is another great compilation. No real toilet worship in that one, but she smacks them balls so well, as “Praveen” found out!

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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