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Such a regal older lady at 88!

As I think of a pair of soles I saw this afternoon, close enough for me to touch – the toes so beautiful and pretty, I wish I could have taken a picture – it was the Indian maid and her friend I write so much about! Her friend, actually, a giggly older lady … Fat, but those feet, those soles, fair, perfectly clean despite the work Madam does, oh my! The toes always painted RED, I was literally drawn like a magnet to them today – before that though?

At a house #88, this older Indian lady, not 88 years of age – was sitting there SO REGALLY- soles up, feet crossed, that PROFOUND POSE that makes me cum in my pants looking!

And I knew – especially with the number 88 I’m on the right track – not that I need reminding! I know from smelling my cheesy soles right NOW I am on the right track – I know I’ll be smelling HERS!

Working out, a bull commented on my posts at just the right time. There was a lady walking a dog, though I was working out hard – instantly, my mind -feet and cock!

And post this, I HAD to drop down at the maid’s feet. I was finding every excuse I could to talk to her – to FURIOUSLY find an excuse to chat with her no matter how strange it might seem, she could feel it, giggling away!

And finally, to film myself doing something, I took a video, and placed the camera at her soles.

“Chowkidari  kar le!” giggled her friend- colloquial for “be a watchman for his phone!” 

Normally, a maid would NEVER ever dare to giggle in front of a guy several times “superior” – SO CALLEED! in “status” – social class etc, all that BS!

But here, they’re so comfortable, they dont even move their soles, and sure enough, Madam didnt move her soles, or even her feet!

They were staring at me as she finally moved away.

I told her not to, to please sit there, they kept giggling, talking to me “no problem”. Their soles were showing and you know a woman’s fully comfortable around you, cuck or sissy or dom, when her SOLES show, and she doesnt care, she’s relaxed and causal about it!

Like an older lady passing by told me when in the splits … (about me).

NIce and relaxed, eh.

That I was Ma’am, thank you!

Another magical day, another great sissy workout – if you ain’t placed the pre-order for Sissy Workouts do so NOW – or risk MISSING OUT!

And thats that.


Mike watson

PS – This particular maid’s soles, so INSPRATIONAL, she is in general, like I told christina this morning, Ma’am, your DOMINANCE IS SO INSPIRATIONAL, and it is!

I have a product fitness wise “Inspirational Fitness Recollections” – time for a femdom one?

Oh wait – I already have one here!


And truly, pick up 15 Odes to older ladies 25 odes to Indian maids – NOW. You’ll understand the meaning of TRUE SUPPLICATON And DEVOTION FUELED forever UNFULFILED LUST when you do!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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