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The FIRST thought that pops into your mind…

Hugely successful people in any sphere of life have many things in common. One being living in the flow. And trusting gut, instinct.

Nine times out of 10, maybe more – that first reaction, feeling, visceral or not – decision – whatever – is the right one. Follow any successful Twitter account – you’ll see what I mean!

Manifestation wise, we hear a lot about visualization to attract on auto pilot, a concept most don’t really get despite me explaining it over and over again.

In short, its this.

Thoughts you take with you all the time even when you’re not aware.

The last thing you think about before going to bed, the first upon arising!!

The first thought that pops into your mind upon arising.

The last thing you think of before sleep arrives – chances are they are one and the same thing.

And for me it’s always, without exception – Bhagwati Devi Ji … In either a dominant or submissive form. And I know she feels it.

This despite my already having manifested her. Haha.

This concept applies to anything in life.

If you truly want it you’ll find a way to get it. And that thing is likely in your thoughts all day long too!

“Bhagwati Jo ag tune lagayi wo AJ Tak kisi aurat ne nahi lagayi” (no other woman has made me so HOT as you Bhagwati – and I mean that!!), I moan with lust as I kiss the nape of her neck, flick her earlobe or she does mine, those coal black fingers on my nipples … Calves, forearms, the one bangle – my! Kissing those lips, those “rasile” (luscious) lips….almost reminds of me Madam Aa Ling who I’ll never forget.

I’ll never forget her mom’s asshole either. Hehe. Such an honor!

Femdom wise, lesson to be learnt here

See if you can find it.

Right out there in the open.

As Napoleon Hill so rightly said in Think and Grow Rich, I could point you to it. But that would deprive you of most of the benefits you’d get by discovering it for yourself!



Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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