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Why Lucy Ma’am’s parents never met her boyfriend!

I’ve written enough about Princess Lucy and her many studly men, but it’s never enough!


Today, as I spoke to her after a while, it’s almost Chinese New Year now, I asked her about her lovers.

And if she took him home to meet her parents.

Now, for those that dont know, the insane pressure most Chinese parents put on WOMEN (their kids) to get married (but not the guys!) – is insane.

Men apparently age like wine, the older the better since they “earn more” …

While females, unfortunately, get the “sheng nv” (left over woman) status beyond 26 or so.

The situation is slowly improving, I’ve damn sure done my bit to make it improve! – but, regretfully, still not anywhere near what it should be.

The “rent a boyfriend/girlfriend” industry is alive and kicking in the PRC, friend, especially during Chinese New year, where parents, relatives, all and sundry will ask … and badger.Hehe.

So I asked her if she took the guy home, if just to get parents off her back.

Her reply.


“My bf haven’t met them!”

And I dont think he will either!


She’s in it for the SEX, and his lovely DICK, which I’ve seen,but not sucked upon.

Master Wang’s lovely dong though I’ve done both, so much of it, unfortunately he’s in Jiangxi, or I’d be cuckolded by them by now!

Maybe someday …

But other than being a slut for Master (I’d give Lucy some serious competition, I’m sure, hehe!) , I so wanted to introduce Lucy to him again (the first time I did, she was busy).

Maybe soon, but thats why her current bf didnt meet her parents!

She’s so nice, women like her, and perfect Madam Jenny, a 50 plus year old lady, a Goddess incarnate, make it all so worth it!

Paye Lagu Ma’am.

Please keep cuckolding and putting us sisses in their rightful, true, well deserved places!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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