Indian Femdom

Last night I was thinking “Malti”.

It’s amazing, as I keep saying in my pathbreaking book “A complete guide to dominant females in mainland China” – you attract – on auto pilot. On demand,cue almost!

Life, femdom, it all works the same way. If you REALLY want something, the Universe will conspire to give it to you – in spades at that.

Last night, I was thinking of asking one of the lovely dhobans her name.

“Malti”, I heard her say.

Now note I’ve no idea where this name sprung up from. But it sounded lovely, sp I edged to it. Came bucketloads. Then, slept a fitful sleep…

…. Out of the blue today? No pun?

The lovely older dhoban showed up!

And my. Beyond the namaste, I asked her name.

“Malti”, she giggled.


Even for somone used to this – it bogglex my mind!

All the way she walked dominantly in front of me, feeling my gaze on her strong forearms, her dusty cracked yet so lovely soles, the slippers slapping down piegon footed dominantly. My,.my!

If Madam would just show up now – I’d grab her, ask her to lie down. And I’d massage her feet, eat her out, take her into a world she’s never seen, but knows deep down inside she so richly deserves!

“Ab Malti Madam ke samne to sab naukar hai”

And it’s true. Everyone is a servant in front of her.

The same with Bhagwati.

“Heroine to heroine hoti hai, Madam madam hoti hai!”.

A heroine is a heroine regardless!

Aur ap to heroine se achi ho. You’re so much better than the average heroine!

I can feel Malti listening to me saying all this, feeling my hot breath on her, between her legs.

She stepped in Gobar (cow dung).

The slipper reeks of it, the foot smells.

And yet there I am,.licking those soles, massaging them.

Truly, there is no greater joy than real femdom

And that’s that.

Best, Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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