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Profound Pose – yet again!

I haven’t written about her in a very long time. Shes still around though, is the venerable Rachna Ma’am. And as I caught a glimpse of her outstretched FOOT this morning – again, one of those “nanosecond” glimpses – the foot – the ankle – the anklet – all nothing special – but that lazy vibe which this girl has perfected to a T – my!

Foot up on the table. Nothing but the ankle and side of foot showing,.maybe a glimmer of shin but that’s it. Anklet.


Truly, from the morning farts I heard from her – so manly ! “If men can fart out loud, why not women?” – to now – to the crass LOUD voice yelling everywhere, much like Pooja Memsahib Ji … My.

Dominance personified.

And with all the soap operas I have been watching, those Uber sexy female on female domination which in many ways are way more brutal than man to man or man to woman or even women to men.

Truly, women can’t stand each other in many ways. Two crossed swords and it shows when possible. Hehe. Truly, women can be each other worst enemies as Rachna Ma’am rightly once pointed out the obvious (but I acted like I didn’t know – hehe – didn’t want to get SMACKED!). . . And the cruel comments, the kicks that hurt just right, not too much, not too little – the abject and craven vibe, dominance and submission both. My.

And the reason I’m mentioning this is not just that – that’s been mentioned countless number of times already on both sites. It’s that PROFOUND pose!


Those one second glimpses which make your hands involuntarily flick your nipples, hit you like a sockful of dand behind the head – big one – and the memories stay forever!

I’ll always remember that first profound glimpse I had of the Chinese goddess years ago – all covered up – just HALF a broad sole visible, but that nanosecond glimpses stayed with me for years!

I’d probably still empty out my bank account for her!


Anyway …

Profound poses is a book everyone must have – it will spice up both vanilla and non vanilla sex lives like never before. You can get it here –

And if you’re even remotely into femdom of any nature?

Then you owe it to yourself to read about all the ladies mentioned above here.

You won’t be able to sleep for days after you do!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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