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The power of WORDS and the sheer VIBE driving that POWER.

As mentioned here – power is probably the ultimate aphrodisiac, either from a submissive standpoint – or dominant!

Read that, and then – well, some random thoughts which may or may not make sense. If you think about them they might!

Everyone has these preset expectations, theories.

Cucks are “gay”.

I’ve debunked this foolishness, as well as the very definition of “gay” as is commonly thought of and labels in general so many times, but it’s never enough. Ugh.

Or cucks and sissies all have tiny dicks.

Some do. Yes. But you’d be surprised at the number with long dongs! (Albeit perpetually caged ones).

Then when dominating, people expect physically big people to be dominant, the smaller ones to be submissive.

Utter BS.

Even in real life, the leaders are not always the most physically or even financially accomplished – but they’re the best MENTALLY. It’s all about the mind as I keep saying, and the vibes reflect that mindset.

And the words project it.

Words have POWER my friend.

Not in and as of themselves as said with the right thoughts and vibes.

My own words “powerful words” arent just powerful from a dominant/submissive standpoint – there’s that of course, but they show an iron WILL underneath.

Many years ago, when so called “submitting” to a tall black guy 6’4″ with a lovely black dong (cuckolding expert) I gushed on so lyrically and submissively about his penis that he sent me this – Mike, I’m black and 6’4″. And your words make me blush red!

Sissy Gabriella who by her own admission is built like a “rugby player ” (ugh she’s not – it’s FAT, PUDGE she needs to lose. I’m sure she used to be part of the “I’m big but not fat” brigade before I got a hold of her and set the cows mind straight, pun intended) says the same thing about blushing red and my powerful words.

It’s not about physical size. A woman too can be diminutive and be dominant as heck or submissive. Or, big. It doesn’t matter.

The mind does.

My own submissive experiences as Paula said here (read the review) have all either been one where the girls dominated me in a giggly sort of “let’s humor this handsome dude” sorta way, but were happiest when I dominated – which is something I detail in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“. Yes, not what you might expect but those experiences with those other wise dominant women are true (and they weren’t submissive with other men in bed).

Everyone wants to lead. Dominate.

Noone wants to put in the work.

You have to truly put yourself in the “other mans shoes” from either perspective. The Universe only deemed me a leader because I subjected myself to more CRAVEN submission than most would consider, placing complete and utter trust in the women – genuinely respecting them – and that’s one of the hallmarks of a true leader ie being RESPECTFUL except when the situation demands otherwise.

Give first.

And you shall receive – plenty!

Noone wants to hear this, especially when pointed to products and such. It’s that mentality and “let him think what he likes” that keeps most people living paycheck to paycheck. Invest in your future – your true desires, and life will begin to open up in ways you never ever dreamed possible. Those aren’t just powerful words. They are powerful because they’re PRACTICAL and meaningful!

Anyway ..

Yet more reason our erotic content hits home so hard – pun intended and not.

Get you some HERE.

And that’s that!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to leave honest and unbiased reviews too folks! They really help others making an informed purchasing decision. Again, not enough people leave reviews which is a shame. Don’t be one of those people – thank you!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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