Indian Femdom

The sheer POWER every woman – every – has over footboys!!

Maybe some don’t even realise it – but deep down inside they all do.

Walking back home after a soothing smoke I saw this “big” – gross understatement! – Indian lady decked out in all BLACK.

She was probable obese x 10. I’m being kind there.

Not the kind of sexy “a bit fat” tummy the lovely Bhagwati has. No this lady was beyond obese!

Waddling down the road in a black dress … Showing the shins and calves off, perfectly pedicures feet in heels – oh my.

ANY foot boy would beg to kiss her feet in public, press those legs – all of it!

Are rolls of fat sexy?

These were that x 100!

I’ve written about this before – one glimpse of foot, ONE glimpse of tattooed or adorned with anklet ankle – one bare sole – and it’s done. My! That’s the power women hold over footboys – or dominant males like me!

Damn. I almost dropped down to beg to kiss those toes as she walked past …

It doesn’t even have to be feet. Feet and cock go together, the natural progression as I’ve gone hoarse saying – foot – BOY!

Master Sir,


I haven’t forgotten about your mighty cock, I don’t think I ever would. Now I have a second one in my mind, is it normal for them to be that big? I once thought mine was average, but it’s becoming more clear thats very much not the case.

Why do I still feel the need to instantly do what you say, I couldn’t load up your site quick enough when you told me there was cock to look at. I’m so horny and needy, so very frustrated.

Of course his pin dick isn’t average. Hehe. I decided to bring Master Wangs cock into the picture too and he’s HOOKED. One look at that BULBOUS head, the shaft, balls – my!!

And that, my friend is that.

Pick up some books dedicated to Indian Goddesses here.

You’ll be glad you did, footboy!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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