Indian Femdom

Those coal black anklet clad soles, that dominating vibe…

Walking back in the summer heat in temperatures only a crazed fitness expert would walk in (me – hehe) my mind was focused on the lovely Bhagwati. Those lovely wrists, those coal black forearms wielding the broom so expertly, those black eyes, deep caring pools of sexy wisdom…

… I’m not sure where she is most of the day when not with me. I know she still works in houses as a maid. I can feel her presence everywhere – and thinking of her, I noticed so many other lovely maids and dhobans.

All enjoying lunch under the shade, or watermelons in the blazing summer heat.

The older dhoban was tossing leftover food away imperiously, one lovely slim calf dangling, the anklet so visible. Any footboy would be WEAK at that sight – worship time, boy!

Not to mention an older lady sleeping with soles on full display – dark and black – where they normally iron clothes.


Footboys would leak just watching. My that VIBE!

I’ve spoken to all of these ladies, been in bed with most. You wouldn’t know if though walking down the street except when they’re alone, when the sly smiles come – the looks, turning around and looking at me ,hehe.

That silly social class barrier in India where it’s a novelty if “lower class women” speak to upper class men and such (and even women).

Bhagwati has always been like me. A loner of sorts.

A hard worker – even when she massages other women that dominate her sometimes – you know how women can be to other women – I feel bad for her.

She’s the head of my harem yes.

But, down the line I don’t want her to work anymore.

She’s mine – the Indian maid that came and changed my life forever and will forever be in my heart – and bed. Hehe.

I haven’t seen her for a couple of days.

I’m already missing her. She’s that special.

Yes, ladies that work for a living, hard manual labor – have a vibe of their own unto themselves, especially older ladies  doing housework.

And you’ll understand why and how powerful that vibe is when you pick up 25 odes to Indian maids that deserve it SO! 

Be sure and pick up the odes to the lovely Bhagwati too!

All available here. . .

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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