The PRINCESS – is sleeping!

The PRINCESS – is sleeping!

I just saw a picture of the star of (well, she’s the biggest star!) “The White Tiger”, apparently an upcomin Bollywood flick which I ain’t got no plans to watch.

(But flicks, and ruined orgasms! Mmmm!)

(Princess Dani already translated the book on ruined orgasms)

(But she’s almost done with the book on ATTRACTING dominant ladies to you without any EFFORT!)

Now, what am I talking bout here?

Well Goddess Priyanka Chopra, for one. A green sweater, and …well, I don’t remember.

No legs in the picture.

No skin show.

And a tired woman apparently (this one was a REAL picture)

Spread out in a chair, tired …

“She wore loafers” the article said.

So convenient, hehe. I wonder why the article said that?

Perhaps people care!

And of course they should.

HER FEET, boy!

This is NOT about Pee Cee though. Far from it.

It’s about Madam JYOTI.

And of course Ms. Priyanka who really speaking, curiously enough or maybe not are one and the same person!

Those long nights as my Madam would snore. Comfortably. Either tired or drunk or both.


But she’d sleep peacefully, those soles, those soles I knew SO well staring me in the face.

And those lovely pink flip flops ALWAYS NEXT TO ME!


Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Those pink flip flops which finally reconnected me back to her …

And even if they were loafers they likely would, hehe.

Anyway, thats the muse/thought for now.

And if you’re on this list, quit LOAFING around (a lot of you ARE) and pick up the “Serving an Indian Goddess” series now.


Now, boy!


(else, you might as well not be on here if it is just “Freebies” you want) 


Mike Watson

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