Giving her a pedicure, and eating RICE out her ass …

Giving her a pedicure, and eating RICE out her…

Perfect Miss Peng … she’s so perfect!

I’ve been writing about her for a while.

And she’s so perfect, I’d kiss her feet, I’d …

Actually, I just asked her if she gets her feet pedicured “now” (that I’m not with her).

“You give me a pedicure, servant boy!” was her answer, and no others!

Note she did NOT say if she gets one now, hehe.

She asked ME to give her one.

Which of course, I will (she wants me to meet her again in Hainan Island).

Which is a tropical paradise, and where Princess Joanie inflicted humiliation of UNSPEAKABLE levels on me, especially on the beach!

So did Madam Susan, hehe.

And it ain’t coincidence that Miss Madam Peng is opening up a plastic surgery store there with her admittedly Goddess like (I m assuming ,since I’ve never met her sister, and it’s a good thing to assume that! because it’s TRUE, hehe) sister …

… especially a few days after writing about why men should ALWAYS support women that open beauty related businesses, though they should support ’em anyway.

Anyway …

Eating rice out of her ass is such a nice idea, and one that my current SO, admittedly looking for a new cuck mentioned in jest and part humiliation to me.

“You’re such a messy eater, boy!” 

Actually, I’m not. Mistress R is herself – along with her granny Pajamas she NEVER Changes, shes so perfect – a perfect Cuckoldress if ever.

I had bought her sexy nightdresses a while ago, which she ditched in favor of Granny stuff.

Of course.

Cucks aren’t allowed sex, boy!

But anyway, she’s looking for a cuck, and ANOTHER real man to fuck.

She already has enough of the latter, methinks, but much like Su said, it’s never enough!

And she made the following comment today.

“Boy! You eat so messily, its coming out of your ass! You a cow or what!? ” 

(after calling me a bull a few days ago, NOT for my sexual prowress or LACK thereof, hehe).

I’d rather be a cow, and moo like Ms Priyanka made me do!

And I will probably do that for perfect Miss Peng.

For now, I’m out – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember the scene about cucks eating chocolate out of that long dicked studs ass?! Such a turn on, even after PornHub removed a similar video, and such a turn on to suck the stud’s long curved cock – and his CUM! And equally so to eat food out of Miss Pengs ass, especially STICKY RICE! What a Queen!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!