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Ji Manju Malkin! Paye Lagu, Superior Manju Malkin!

She was a servant, but her rightful place was as my owner, and I knew this from a very young age.

Even when she used to squat on the floor beside me while I watched T.V, and she squatted in a position that only menials are supposed to sit in (at least in the subcontinent) . . .

But the look in the eye, and the VIBE she gave off, I’ll never forget it!

Worship the sweat off those stockings, boy! Dont you DARE enslave a woman!

But hold up. Just what am I talking about now, you ask?

Well, thats a fair question indeed!!

I spoke about Kolkata a while ago I believe . . . and a house where my grandmother resided in at the time, a house replete with “servants” as it were (and in those times, this was common in India).

Actually, it’s pretty common now as well, and for those that read this with a Western mindset and think “those poor people!” — well — you’re right — but also, think about different cultures, and the influence the Brits had on India and how they were actually in a large part responsible for the caste system and the system of “domestic labor” as we see today in the subcontinent.

It happened back in the West too — don’t get me wrong — back in the day!

And you don’t have to look any further than the actual slavery in America and some other countries … where the conditions the “hired help” (my ass!) lived in were truly HORRIFIC, far more so in many regards than in countries like India, where the base premise was servitude, true, but it wasn’t nowhere near as brutal or horrific in many ways.

And in that house, there was a lovely servant girl called “Manju” if I remember right (and I’m still trying to pronounce it right, hehe).

And she’d often climb up stairs with breakfast on a tray, that lovely black hair of hers flowing out of the sari she would wear ..

That lovely expanse of BACK the sari would show … those lovely sexy brown LEGS and ANKLEs I’d often catch a glimpse of as she walked up and down the stairs or worked in the kitchen, and she was almost always BAREFOOT, of course.

Servants should be barefoot and in the kitchen — BOY! And now I know where Ms. Priyanka got this from, hehe.

And often times as she’d serve the other members of the house (we were too young then I think) I’d cast sneaky looks at her, and I believe she’d see it too.

I think I was 14 or 15, not sure, but I believe she’d often look at me with THAT look in her eye.

YES, boy! I’m serving you now, but the tables will soon be turned, and are MEANT to be turned!

And that vibe communicated itself so strongly and PURELY to me that I often had fantasies — wet ones! — of serving this lovely lady as a servant, instead of the other way around.

“Clean the floor, boy! My feet will get dirty!”

She was a Goddess INCARNATE!

… Or, as she’d squat on the sofa beside me as I watched TV (that’s another thing about the subcontinent — the servants don’t sit on the same chairs or chairs at all, or even use the same dishes or bathrooms as their employers-cum-owners — insane, I know, but ’tis true in that part of the world!) … in the most servile Indian squat position that is one of the healthiest positions out there, but that me (well, initially at least) and many other “Westerners” (or those with a Western mindset) often find it hard to get into, let alone SIT IN.

A position many a Chinese and Indian lady has made me sit in, of course, none more so than the gorgeous Priyanka, and with good reason!

And I guess it’s with good reason that most of the Google searches from femdom aren’t for Chinese femdom any more — it’s for Indian femdom! Hehe … and if there was ever a mind you know what to any of this, THAT is it.

And I’d often dream of the positions being reverse, and her on the sofa. With her feet up. Kicking me in annoyance for speaking out of turn, or line …

Ordering me to bring her food and drink as she reclined like a Goddess, and I pressed her back, feet, and shoulders, “whatever she wanted” …

That lovely hair, that dark brown skin, those feet … I still remember them as clearly as if it were yesterday.

And the tables WERE turned, and in real life, and HOW — except not on me — but her “employers” — and I think you know who they were, hehe.

The Universe spares NO-ONE, my friend, and there is ALWAYS a silent third party that governs all human transaction, and the great Emerson said this better and more succinctly than I ever, ever could.

And on that highly philosophical note, I’ll leave you be, my fellow reader and “sufferer”, hehe. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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