Indian Femdom

The photo that caused me to go CRAZY WITH LUST!

More than the Korean studs and their cocks.

More than Master Jerome and his lovely asshole I kiss so much the TASTE is on my lips!

More than Princess Joanie, and Sophia, and the rest.

More than ….

You know how it is!

You never forget your “first love”, and yours truly NEVER forgot Mistress / Princess Jyoti, her lovely feet – in flip flops!

And of course, her with her feet up on the table watching a movie with me!

So I wanted to press those legs!

But I didnt – or did I?

Well, the TRUTH is revealed in Serving an Indian Goddess – the book! 

She’s Priyanka in the book, perhaps because of the equally gorgeous Priyanka Chopra in India, but really, the book is not about “PC” as she’s called in the subcontinent. It’s about perfect Madam Jyoti.

Right now, she’s married.

Three kids.


But that fat turns me on – that LOOK – that GLEAM in her lovely Punjabi eyes is still very much………….. THERE!

I still remember Madam saying how “they all used to sleep in one blanket before and were so poor” …

Well, life comes full circle and how!

Elizabeth (I can’t remember the last name) once quoted a famous Sufi poem as saying “God drew a circle around where I am now. I was always here!).

Madam was right!

She’s been credited in the “foreword” of the Sequel, along with another illuminary Steve Jobs whose quote about connecting the dots backwards, not forwards, forms the base for the whole book if you think about it.

As does what transpired in a decidely NOT femdom related movie – First Blood – Part III! (Rambo III).

You’ll have to read the book for more.

But as the book is being translated into languages globally, I was searching for the right cover for the book – French version now, after all in Portugese!

A lovely translator “Varna” is doing it, and she’s done a great job thus far.

And the feet on the cover made my pulse SKYROCKET!

Lovely bare feet, no sole – even though the sole is the mecca and Medina for TRUE femdom lovers, but the foot does it all!

Those fat Indian ladies I once wrote about in a park in India that I wanted to just DROP DOWN AND WORSHIP, sign my LIFE SAVINGS OVER TO, so fat and bitchy were they, so well pampered and pedicured were their feet, lovely, broad, fair, and RED TOENAILS DONE RIGHT!

Oh my!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

Indeed all about her, not the body – but the MIND!

Indian ladies are so gorgeous!

And we never forget the first love.

So for a change, today isn’t about dick – not until Princess Lucy makes it, hehe. Which she might!

And I’m out. I’ll keep you posted on the translation, but remember, all “foreign language” translations are on Amazon, not my own site, but English language books – well – all here!

And I’ll be back.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – I wrote that in ONE breath, if you can believe it. Exhaling now!

PS #2 – I was once told “Jyoti will never be yours!”

Little did the guy know. HA!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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