Indian Femdom

Jerk, boy, JERK!

Yes, I know fellas and ladies and cucks and sissy boys out there …

I wrote about this on the other site!

But I gotta do so again, especially after seeing a certain Rose Marie Jackson’s curved banana cock, it’s so sexy I’d suck that cock and lick his /her bollocks all day!

She’s got the slim sexy waist I so love, and she flaunts it too!

And while she was “squeezing her cockhead” to stop the orgasm (thats one of the things mentioned in the pathbreaking book on ruined orgasms, by the way) … well, it’s mentioned in a different way, but it is, I saw another cock – a phimotic one – in sissy stockings!

Truly, us sissies know our place. 

We can’t ever satisfy Madam, boy!

So we’re sissies, we love it, and those imperious cut cocks and cocks with foreskins hanging off them – we love ’em! 

And of course.

WE love to be the one with fingers up their asses, giving them the ULTIMATE PLEASURE EVER – a blowjob and a sissygasm and a ball suck all at one (and for even more – nipples sucking too!)

Truly bliss out of this world, my friend.

You have to FEEL it to feel it!

I’ve been on both sides of the dong, and I know. I know it very well!

Therefore, the book on sissygasms and nipplegasms are both must grabs – NOW – but more and most importantly, YES, studs out there must get it too, or you’re missing out on the beauty and pleasure of it!

Just have your cucks and women waiting, hehe (which they do anyway!)

And salivating!

Anyway …

Chinese women are by far the most dominant out there.

I’ve made no bones about it, and I’ve written a world famous book on why.

(A book that has recieved rave reviews, and even been translated into different languages!)

But today, I saw a bit about China promoting”red tourism” these days (basically the brainwashed version of China that the CCP wants you to believe with “tourism” aspects thrown in).

Politics and the usual China yawns aside, I saw the two girls – which prompted me to write thi sto you!

Rememeber the Korean gal I sent you (pic) and on my Twitter?

Well, the Chinese girls on the official CCP page are standing there, with firsts upraised, basically saying the same thing.

It’s funny, with all the crackdown on yellow or what not that Xi Jingping did in 2015 – the country is only moving MORE towards that – EVERY bit of marketing is done by women with that GLEAM in the eyes!

Right down to that military parade they did – with women in mini skirts!

China truly is telling the world – our women RULE!

Which they do. Hehe.

So sexy, so dominant, and those poses … !

And no, the thumb/forefinger pose I write about so extensively that every Chinese gal claim is “love” isn’t just that.

It may be that.

But it’s MONEY, boy!

I like man and money both – but MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY more!

Enough said, hehe.

I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – Chinese girls are beautiful ball bustrixes and ball busters too – check out how here – BAll Busting 1010. 

It’s Ball Busting 101, but EVERY TIME I type it, the extra 0 comes on.

Today, I kept it!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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