Indian Femdom

My 2 AM tryst with my wife

Or, “wife” — if you choose to use quotes!

Often times I wonder if I’m the wife, and she’s the husband.

Often times I wonder if despite that seeping over into real life, I LIKE it that way!

I think I do.


And the major theme last night as usual, was feet, soles, but it all came back to this one thing …

“Madam, his penis is SO NICE!”

“Madam, that penis is shaped SO NICELY!”

“Madam, please never NEVER suck my dick, but the others you love so much, please DO worship them more!”

And as I moaned in utter lust, and so did she, thats the joy of it all — being CUCKOLDED or “wearing a green hat” in China is so incredibly arousing if done right, and if she’s prepared for it, and into it!

Simply telling her “I want to be cuckolded” is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t try and climb Everest without preparing ,would you?

Same thing here, or anything “major” and new in your life!

My book Cuck Central teaches you how to not just work up to it, but GET HER INTO IT WHICH IS THE MAIN THING!

Cuck Central by Mike Watson

Anyway …….

Last night, I was going to go to bed at 11:30 PM.

I got an email from a customer. Had to email back!

Did that, midnight, wife was in bed.

And she was all covered up in the air conditioned room — shades of Garima Madam, except the feet weren’t poking out!

Now, the first thing I thought about? Was of course, pressing her feet!

but normally, if she’s already fallen asleep, I dont wake her up — but I, well, “hardly” — pun intended — sleep myself!

And I’ll toss and turn, thinking about “what if”, if I could press her feet one more time, if I could …

You cucks, and “denied” folks out there know the feeling!

Anyway- last night, I took those precious feet out of the blanket … and starting rubbing them anyway.

She woke up, surprised, but didnt mind it at all!

In “Serving Ann”, a lovely little book I’ve written Madam Ann used to complain about how her last boyfriend kept waking her up for sex in the middle of the night (ugh) and thats probably one reason she said the following.

Serving Ann by Mike Watson

“Sex only once a week, only for HEALTH, boy!”

Oh my!

Little did she know how I loved that!

“Madam, sex should only be on YOUR terms, if you WANT IT!” I replied to her…

But foot massages, those are different, and as I pressed my SO’s feet over and over again, paying special attention to the toes, often ignored, “knuckling” the arches, and so forth, I used hair oil to rub her feet, not lotion.


Well, go here —

It was late at night. I had to wake up early the next morning. I should have been sleeping. But there I was, massaging her feet, thats all I could see, a pair of feet poking out from the blankets, and I kept pressing for half an hour as she kept shifting position, those granny pajamas so visible and her feet digging into various parts of me as if I wasn’t there!

Finally, heart thudding, I sucked her big toe. Just like I would a cock!

She moaned.

“Madam, thank you so much!” I kept saying, the taste of oil in my mouth but I didnt care, as I furiously licked her feet, both gently and slowly, between the toes for some time, turning her on immensely!

I kissed her ankles, I sucked all her toes. I did it gently, I did it just like I would suck a cock!

(and I so love sucking cock!)

Penis Central by Mike Watson

I kept kissing the sole, and then went up to her legs, pulling the granny pajamas up with each stroke, kissing her unshaved legs.

“Madam, thank you SO much for not going to the parlor!” (ie beauty treatments to “look beautiful” Hey, men dont do it, why should women! And she’s a Queen and Goddess anyway, as I kept telling her!)

And as I got to her thighs, I kept begging.

“Madam . Madam, thank you, Madam, PLEASE let me kiss you there, PLEASE let me lick you, and service you!”

(and if there is one thing that should be obvious here, and the entire point of this; the POWER exchange, role reversal, and complete lack of reciprocation on her end, which is the POINT — pun intended!)

(its the begging, the conversation, the MIND that is the real turn on as I keep saying!!! Without the conversation, perhaps nice too, but the conversation is really what DOES IT!)

While doing this I kept lapping away at her inner thighs…

My entire focus was on pleasing HER — no goose and gander, no reciprocal attention!

In the past she’d suck my dick, but she was never too good at it, and I dont know for me, serving her is so NICE!

And as the pajamas that turn me on SO! came off…

I could see that lovely fat ASS!

She wasn’t wearing panties, which I’d normally beg to take off, if she’s on her period, I’d beg even more!

(THIS link explains why —

and I kissed the butt cheeks over and over again, I sniffed the ass crack, but didnt go all the way in at first; I did everything I mention in Ass Worship 101, and I kept thanking her profusely for it!

That lovely brown ass, those LARGE hamstrings! So much skin to kiss, worship, the beautiful smells coming from the ass crack, that lovely TREASURE WITHIN!

This, by the way is a condensed version, if I were to write EVERYTHING- it would take me three days to write about it, so many thoughts were passing through my mind!

“Madam, please be more fat and lazy!”

“Madam, thank you so, SO much for the privelege of kissing your ass!”

And I kissed her broad back, the rolls of fat on her abdomen which seem to be growing daily (so NICE!) .. and then to her earlobes, tongue flicking in and out, which she loves so!

And I kept talking to Madam all throughout about the things above, but the one thing on my mind!


“Madam, thank you so much for calling me GAY!” I finally said it, almost cumming as I did, but making sure to keep licking her earlobes…

Sucking them…

“Madam, if I like penis, yes, I’m gay, Madam please say it MORE!”

And she was initially quiet about this, but as I turned her on more and more, she said it.

“Yes, you like long penises, boy!”

And that, of course opened the floodgates for this sissy, and cock, cock, cock as I licked her, serviced her, was the overriding theme of the NIGHT!

Me, ready to suck some COCK!

“Madam, his penis head is shaped SO NICELY!”

“Madam, which penis is nicer”


OH my, that conversation was SO EROTIC!

And with that, I dove down, spread her legs, and started licking her furiously.

Tongue in vulva, I kissed the messy pubic hair, I licked all over her thighs -again, this is a SHORT version of it!

She was DRIPPING WET, which is the whole point of this! It stuck to her pubic hair, the SMELL Was overpowering, but I kept licking, tongue deep in her, flicking in and out, kissing the walls of her lovely vagina which I can hardly ever “fuck” nicely like a real man would … but I can lick her!

“Madam, I can’t fuck you , but I can lick you, please do TAKE ADVANTAGE of that!”

Of course, BOY! You exist to PLEASE ME!

I kept thanking her for it, and of course, I kept turning her over, and licking her asshole while I was at it! That lovely asshole of hers, she calls ass worship nasty because shit comes out of there, for me?

“Madam, thank you so much for letting me worship the lowest part of your body, your sewer!”

She was MOANING away during all this, she was enjoying my tongue deep in her, fingers in her, all of it!

It was so NICE!

Finally, she wanted my dick in her, which of course didnt work too well.

I came pretty quickly, but I was so horny I bent down — and then I slurped my own juices off her, it was SO EROTIC!

And as I got hard again, I I worked to pleasure her, this time I was licking her hairy, unwashed armpits as I banged her, and I kept thanking her!

“Madam, thank you so much!”

Finally, I came again.

She must have cum a thousand times by then.

Finally sated, more with all the tongue fucking than my penis, she went to sleep, so did I … unsated though!

The reason I mention this?

Well, thats how a cuckolded man satisfies his Goddess like wife, or significant other…

If you like cock, accept it!

If you like being denied, truly accept it!

If you like serving her, dont worry about the fair or unfair part of it, i.e. “she’s not doing it for me”. Just serve her like you want!

Acceptance on both parties end is key; pun intended.

Anyway, this is a short version of it. Long version out later!

And that, my friends is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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