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That all too fragile male ego (and all to be EXPECTED) ..

It reareth its ugly head again does that all too fragile male ego, and without taking names, well, a lovely lady I saw online – I wont provide further details, but lets just say the Twitter algorithm is doing a damn fine job as of late of popping up posts from ladies named “Jyoti” ..

… speaking of which as I wrote today?

That book will ALWAYS be so special to me, a host of reasons, including one of which is it’s my first book – but more than that, most important reason?

Madam Jyoti!

Who for some reason I named Priyanka in the book (well, I know the reason. Hehe).

but maybe I should have left it as Jyoti.

Maybe the initial name of the book should have been different, but I “bow” to my editor at the time Steves judgement in terms of keeping it “Serving an Indian Goddess” … Hehe

And not calling her Ma’am, or Mistress all the time, which he didnt say, and I dont, and I dont need to, vibe shines through.

Anyway …

I retweeted a certain lady this afternoon who said the following.

“A smile is the most inexpensive way to better your looks”.

She is so right, something about those words STRUCK HOME!

I think it was the look in her eyes (no, not fetish, a soulful “know it all” look, a look that looks DEEP within thy soul, those brown eyes so … DEEP! – sort of like mine, I suppose) … that also did it, more than the smile, though that was lovely!

No, no simping going on here either, it was practical, hit home, I instantly retweeted saying “more people need to hear this”.

(not my exact words, but thats the gist, she replied back saying I was very kind, but please not to retweet her picture)

Which hey, given the increasing crime rate against women in many places, and especially how bad it’s always been in the subcontinent (I suspect thats one prime reason along with “society” and it’s so called mores that a lot of Indian findominas for one never post their faces) …  I can understand.

And I replied back saying “I get it, lots of nutjobs out there!”

It was a nice conversation, she had a lot of things spot on including a comment about flying roaches, and how we’re all brave until we discover that damn roach got WINGS. HEhe. That was another memory that hit home!

More on that later. (tho it happened in that house, gotta wonder, five storey home, yet the owners were fine with it liteally overrun and replete with roaches, crows and such – no, nothing religious either) …

Anyway, real reason I’m writing about this ?

Is what she said about some dude who was told (probably in the same ultra polite manner she told me) (I mean it was so NICE the way she requested it!) to not retweet, he got pissed off, kept doing it, and claimed Madam was butt hurt  in that regard.


Dude, and I told the lady that, it’s YOU that is butt hurt.

That all too fragile male ego hurts too easily, and it’s also why guys just dont end up getting the girl of their dreams, dominant or not.

If you want it, yet you cannot accept it, my friend, you’re an idiot, thats all I gotta say on that one, unfortunately way too many men are.

As for this jerk, perhaps he was that fool Bozo Schofield who thankfully has not been seen around here for a while.

He’s right here though, always will be. 😂Truly the most useless appendage he’s got (if you fall into that same bracket let me know, we’ll happily, for our fee, make you FAMOUS, hehe).

Really, I’d post everyone’s exact words here, but I dont want to, the lady probably doesnt want it either (tho I suspect if it’s just words without names she wont care, but still).

Gotta respect Madam’s wishes in that regard, or anyone’s. Hehe.

Anyway – guys – restrain thy ego is my advice…

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – If there is ONE book that teaches you this (humility) amongst all others, it is Sissy Central. Truly a magical book as some have said, pick it up NOW.

PS – Just remembered – NO, it was not “me” that coined that term. Rachna Ma’am introduced it to me, hehe. She likely wasn’t the first one who thought of it, but still! Gotta give credit where it’s SO DUE!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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