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The only third eye yours truly would EVER need.

Just saw this, my friend – 

This apparently says that due to the tech addiction all around – literally, people can’t take their eyes off the phone long enough to even look ahead of them when they walk! And if someone bumps into them – they act like it’s THEIR fault!

It’s worst in mainland China, of course, where the addiction first started, and reached dizzy limits first, but the ROW is catching up.

If you’ve ever seen young Chinese on a date, picking at their food and guzzling their drinks, GLUED to their phones – not even looking at each other – you’ll know what I mean. Hehe.

IT’s never happened to me.

But then again, I’m “interesting” from a certain standpoint!

But it’s the norm – not the exception and the ROW is catching up.

Anyway, this third eye is something you can affix to your “regular third eye” i.e. pineal gland spot between your eyes on your forehead.

Makes you look like an alien or something.

but I’m sure they’ll come up with “cute” or “handsome” or something like that for this abomination too!

Yours truly continues to resist the push to “everything on the cellphone” as far as possible – but I do handle payments etc on it, but thats IT.

Nothing at all more than that, my friend.

And – – in either case, the only third eye I personally need is between my eyebrows, rather bushy ones at that.

My gut.

Of course, how I stimulate is quite another issue!

Thats something most people don’t realize, but stimulating your known third eye through your third eye “down under” if you get my drift is not only sissy paradise, it also stimulates the sacral chakras throughout your body in a deep , spiritual manner you’ve never done before.

People often ask how I can foretell the future, how can I dream of events that happen later that day, and so forth.

Well, it wasn’t always that way.

Yes, I’ve always trusted my gut, yes, I’ve always attracted femdom to me on auto pilot.

Yes, I’ve done some thing s naturally.

But it’s really sissygasms, or repeated stimulation of the P spot – done RIGHT – my friend, ther eis a WAY to do it right! – that really really gives you – the sissy – or real man – bliss like nothing else can (especially when combined with nipples etc) … but also stimulates your THIRD eye beyond belief!

And I mean both. Hehe.

If you haven’t gone – go first! If you get my drift.

We dont want a brown mess in the bedroom. LOL.

And thats something I say in the book, despite it being so simple, you’d be amazed at how many people IGNORE IT.

Second, it’ll stimulate your gut and truly connect you more to the Universe … 

The root chakra for one!

Last, but not least, I love third eyes.

Not just the one between my forehead, but the one between my butt cheeks too.

The one no-one would worship.

And Master’s – and Mistress’s third eyes too – that are hot, sweaty, ignored, that are the sewers of their bodies, yet the holy grails for ME!

And to learn ALL about how I worshipped them – The Pooja Memsahib Series and the Indian Goddess series is a great read “in fiction format” (though it’s REALITY mixed in with a dab of creative license, not the other way around).

And of course, Cuckold Compilation too for more meaty updates on that! 😉

The only cheeks a cuckold should ever kiss – is her ass cheeks – and his !

And the only lips to smooch, and third eyes to think of – or use your own third eye to get to THEIR holy spots – well, you already know that!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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