Indian Femdom

Madam, thank you so much for your SOCKS, the bottom, MAdam, thank you so much for showing me, on cue, my true PLACE – in life!

And I am happiest underfoot, and under MADAM!

She was sitting outdoors in the park.

An older lady, all clothed, a large red shawl over Madam’s shoulders, and she was eating an apple too!

And I dont know, in the sun there, she kept flexing her lovely … covered (with socks) – feet!

Not just flexing.

Madam kept lifting her shins up, and flexing her soles, as I kept looking on surreptitiously (as well as I could!) from a distance; Madam knew, I think!

You know what thought?

Most girls would show it.

This Madam didnt, she kept eating her apple noisily, and she kept – FLEXING her toes, and showing me her socks, admittedly not that dirty as I’ve seen before (the bottom) – but the grime – I could smell it miles away anyway!

She is so NICE!

She kept flexing those toes for like 10 minutes or so! Those were “toe” socks. I.e. the big toe clearly prominent, and the rest on another part of the sock …

… Just so, so nice! I wish I could put her socks in my MOUTH!

Ma’am, it was all I could do not to run over and press your feet, legs, your calves … whatever YOU want – right there in the park!

But I sufficed by posting on Twitter …

But it’s so nice!

She kept eating noisily, just like a Chinese girl I was teaching once – her friend showed up, and noisily started to eat an apple in the most rude manner in class, not caring about the monkey (me) teaching her! Hehe.

And this lady, I dont know,much the same!

She kept talking on the phone, so nice!

In Serving an Indian GOddess, I write about how Priyanka made me literally … after a long tennis match with her friend, put her socks – with special treatment in a ziploc first! – in my mouth – and do laundry with it in my mouth!

That was a once in a lifetime experienced, Madam even rested her sweaty soles on my face while she did it, and more!

And this Madam in the park – so NICE!

I’d BEG for her to to do it to me, the sissy I am – really am!

So poetic, so prophetic, best part is how she kept flexing her toes, showing me her SOLES, my true place in life under her!

And on the walk back, I was greeted by a young Indian girl, in slippers, her lovely brown (dark) feet … and the clean toes, so beckoning, so nice as she stood there getting measured for clothes, I’d kiss each toe reverently.

Madam, thank you.

You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

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