Mistress Virginia smacked me in the balls – SO HARD – so Unexpectedly, oh MY!

Mistress Virginia smacked me in the balls – SO…

My oh my, I almost spat out my bollocks !

And it was unexpected, the best kind, and as I lay there, looking at her turds floating in the water…

But it wasn’t supposed to happen this way!

Madam was in a great, great mood – and she asked me a question in a giggly manner.

“I want to increase the size of my chest, ayi! How do I do that!”

Now, fitness wise, I’m no slouch.

Miss V will testatement to that!

But, for ladies? Madams? None of the stuff that I Sell and Miss V takes money for – – are geared towards increasing breast sizes for real women!

I’d like Madam Virginia even if she had a long cock!

IT’s all about the mind!

And … some of the tips in Sissy Central may actually, combined with her tugging and squeezing and horomones GIVE sissies those big boobs they “want”.

And Madam’s squeeze.

Yet, the best part for all my books?

They’ll give you big balls.

Not the sort you want, hehe.


From not cumming … BLUE BALLS!

And, as I was cleaning the toilet after she took a dump – not quite Pooja Memsahib style, her turds are truly unique – but Virginia is a goddess too! It came out of nowhere.

I was happy.

She was happy.

I was there, standing, legs spread cleaning furiously.

She even allowed me to do it with a regular toilet brush, not the toothbrush I use.

Certainly NOT the Bozo Schofield toothbrush he uses (my friend told me) up his ass. UGH! What a PAIN tHIS BOZO from I dont know where is!

Birmingham, apparently, but Im not sure!

Planet Looney Tune Bin.

Or, maybe that tiny space between MArs and Venus that he so loves worshipping, hehe.

But anyway …


And my legs just buckled.

Remember, she used THAT technique I mention in Ballbusting 101 – something that will have you “out of it” for like at least 5 minutes!

Dazed, butterflies around your head, then the pain begins!


She hasn’t iced my balls as yet, but I think she WILL very soon – ala Princess Krystal!

But, really … that pain, and I just buckled, hands gripping toilet “frame”, and head into … well, you get it – and this is when Madam is in a good mood.!

I haven’t written a tome to her as yet, maybe soon.

But for now, the real reason I want to tell you this?

A girl named Sophia.

Sophia Bai, shed often ask her many men the same question I was asked, and they’d laugh, that deep manly laugh, while taking her!

But even thats not it.

Bai, In India, is … housemaid!

Ayi … in China … is the same!

And Bai actually means “white”, hehe, like those lovely fair skinned Goddesses (remember, in China you’re “inferior” if you have dark skin – as yours truly does, hehe).

And I love it!

And, it reminded me of perfect Madam Suvi too, that lady I wrote a tome to – in one day – one of our bestsellers!


All such GOddesses, friend, and if you’re a cheap ass lurking that still has’t bought a product, but are leaking to buy one – then do so now!

We’ve even updated Paypal checkout on the site – far smoother process than before, though never as smooth as cocks entering sissy holes if done right, hehe.

And send in reviews, please!

They really do help.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Yes, thats Sophia’s foot on Twitter! Yes, SHE TOO kicked me in the balls, those strong legs, oh my!

PPS – The tales, I have my friend. Truly, the tales I have, bar none, best ever! Hehe. And all TRUE!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!