Madam, can you cum on my passport?

Madam, can you cum on my passport?

I’ve been going ga ga over an Asian lady I saw on the other site – well, on Twitter.

I believe Madam – a perfect QUEEN (although others may not think so) is Vietnamese?

I dont know … But that cock seems Vietnamese!

Asian, I do know that …

And cum on passport?

Well, as I prepare for one of those infamous “visa runs” – I see my passport “booklet” has come aloose from its cover (they make these things even shoddier these days apparently – I had to make copies of my passport for some paperwork, and bang, a NEW passport – it didnt completely come aloose like the last one (which all it required was some GLUE sticking the booklet back, yet, I was charged a pretty penny for it!) – but a few stitches are already gone) – I remember what a cute little gal in China – an immigration officer – once told me.

she looked at my passport, the booklet falling out (that was the old one years back).

“You need change this in your country” she giggled, while stamping me through!

She’s so nice!


Even the one who once stopped me at the border for some ridiculous and retarded questioning, even the HK police officer who once (there was some mess up with Hong Kong immigration where they stamped my passport incorrectly going in – pun not intended – coming out, it was a huge problem – pun not intended) said “we cant do anythign if this causes you problems in the future”.

The latter made me ANGRY.

And I sstill remember her staring angrily at me after my snarky comment…

How dar eyou, BOY!

I wrote about that before on the other site.

But for now?

That glue I’ll put on it…

Madam, please CUM  – shoot loads from your sexy penis on to it!

I’m sure she’ll shoot with precise aim, that phimotic dong is SO NICE, curved so sexily, those balls SO DENSE and I’m …


Which I’m sure is not an alien emotion to you sissies, faggots, cock lovers and ladyboy fans out there…

Let’s face it, we all want it, we just dont talk about it.

And cock worship wise – there is NO better course on it than the one written by the premier cock worshipper ever and femdom “creme la de creme”- pun intended, the real Mc Coy of FEMDOM, pun intended!

Paye LAgu, MADAM!

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Mike Watson
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