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BEing yourself, and THAT style of finger pointing by Ma’am!

I gotta say this first and foremost. It’s a lesson I repeat in my writings, Cuck Central, most of my other writings – my femdom books – instructional manuals – and so forth.

That being, BE YOURSELF!

Brave, and unapolegetically.

If you’re a cuck, be a cuck – upfront, and honest!

Trust me, that turns on most people – women and men included – as opposed to Glyn Schofield like “Madam can I be your servant”, then when she either lets him, or someone mentions it “I’m not into THAT”

So Pathetic, this avoiding who  you are, and being ashamed of it (true, in Glynny’s case, he’s a troll so should be ashamed, not to mention he’s an abusive ass too, and a SOB, but still!) …

And my SO, the other day – you remember me talking about her addiction to Korean soaps, and how she so desperately tries to emulate what she seems on them?

Right down to the mannerisms, style, APEING them – which is fine, but … !

She’s forgotten one thing.

Those women are the most naturally dominating ever.

Emphasis on NATURAL, which is what makes it so sexy!

My SO, she’s dominating when she wants to be, and it’s so sexy, HER NATURAL STYLE!

Unfortunately, she’s abandoning it, which is fine, I suppose.

She is Madam anyway!

Point it, those of us with brains, sexuality and sex aside – can see RIGHT through this …

Anyway, the other night she was pointing in a most sexy – well, so she thought – manner.

You know that profound pose, right, Madam pointing at you?

Well, this one is progression #2!

She’s pointing – at something usually – with SOphia Ma’am, it’s those lovely DICKS she points at, and so DOMINANT, so piercing is her gaze, I’ve been sissygasming to it all morning long!

But it’s a point – with the forefinger – EXTRA Ramrod straight – as if to say “I AM IRRITATED how DARE YOU ASK, boy!”

It’s the SAME MILLION DOLLAR STARE – or million dollar glare – that Mam gave me in Sin City Diaries when she pulled her pristine hands away from my nasty dick (She thought!) in REVULSION!

I was a paying client.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, she might as well have said, and when I jacked off anyway, paid for her to do it though! – she flicked my nipples expertly, but with that irrited and dominating and ANGRY stare, just like Sophia Ma’aM!

And I came buckets but I did NOT shoot loads at the ceiling as Ma’am thought, so she averted her head at the last minute as I came!

I paid her, but she wouldn’t even do the bare minimum ie wipe me up.

I asked for tissues.

How embarrassing, a massage worker did this to me!

(but I SO DESERVE IT, I’m such a LOSER and cuck and SISSY BOY! SHE KNEW THIS, of course! I LOVED IT TOO!)

Just like I love a set of SMOOTH BALLS, just like Garima Ma’ams lover – DONG – black – not too long, not too short, head CUT, RESTING – I repeat, RESTING AFTER ITS EXERTIONS LIKE I SAID IN THE BOOK, oh, my, SIR, you’re SO NICE!


And she pointed – angrily – quietly – at some tissues with that RAMROD straight finger!

And that did it, so DID IT – again!

I’ve never forgotten that – or any of the experiences in Sin City Diaries, the best ever!

Neither will you when you read them! Trust me on this one.

And last, but not least – always be yourself, friend.

It’s so worth it, its REAL sexiness, being yourself!


Mike Watson

PS – Ever wonder why women dominantly ask you, like Maggie Ma’am does – for “what do you look like NOW” pics? They know us guys take pics “from before and send”, they want to see NOW, boy!

They’re so RIGHT! Thank you, Maa’m!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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