Indian Femdom

The 5 Indian GODDESES I saw – all in short dresses!


I’ve been saying it all day.

I even said it to Madam Dani, my lovely translator that translates books into Spanish …

“Madam, someday I’ll pull your pants down and find a dick, I’m sure”

She giggled.

“Madam, I cannot help but flirt with you, you’re so NICE!”

She giggled more.

“your way of flirting is so different from what I’m used to” 

That it is, Ma’am, that it .. IS!

Anyway …

I’m a dedicated slave if nothing else, and as the lovely tranny who I worship SO, worship the most, her DICK – her DONG – is SO , NICE! So is she says the following …

Mmm~ so dedicated. I thank you for that. ????❤  … 

This was in respons eto me saying –

I would drink and worship your pee all day, Princess. You’re so perfect! And give you pleasure all day while at it! I think you pee a lot, too…


And my reply – –

As you know, I should be thanking you, haha. Wouldn’t you say it’s an honor! And slaves should be dedicated… hehe. You are so nice, thank YOU for your waste! (and degrading me hahahah)


Then this – (I couldn’t control myself, hehe – she posted a new vid) –

So wish I coul dlick your ass NOW, you’re really too perfect , Ma’am. Chicks like you are the ultimate TREASURE, so – NICE!

Madam, you’re so nice! that asshole, so NICE! Suchan HONOR TO SEE! Andk iss, the only lips I’ll ever kiss…

And more … hehe.

All on Twitter for you to see, share with the WORLD etc (nah, unlike Bozos that claim “we’re not into it” when they SO ARE – I dont care if you share it with the world! Hehe. I welcome it, actually) …

And yes, slaves should be dedicated. ALL that matters is her pleasure, and int he most extreme manners possible.

And for you DEBASED like never before, like a certain Pooja Memsahib .. JI! – I just saw her sitting outside did and does to me!

Anything less, you’re NOT a real femdom lover, period, sorry to say it, but youre a “superficial jerk off” femdom lover.

TRUE and real femdom lovers would NEVER JERK, or achieve orgasm (real orgasm) anyway!

Nipple gasms, sissygasms, and of course ruined orgasms, and a combo therein, nothing less, nothing more!

we LIVE for feet, soles, and the above!

If you’re a real femdom lover, you know!

Anyway, what “I saw” outside. and what Pooja with her beady, CUNNING knowing eyes, feet up on CART was staring at too (along with a TON Of lasvicious stares and salivating versions of that idiot Bozo Schofield) …

(I mean they were STARING! It’s one thing to look, boys, but if you look like that, she’ll always run away!)

I looked, but nothing X rayish like those guys, and I saw the girls looking at me with their lovely INdian eyes over their MASKS!

Maam, you’re SO NICE!

They were young, real young – and they were all in skirts with hamstrings, oh MY! – legs – and ASS showing!

And one was wearing capris with SLIPPERs, I saw her dirty soles, Madam PLEASE, Madam, payue lagu, Memsahib… JI!

And …

One of the girls reminded me SO of Mistress Jyoti!

(or Priyanka…. )


Priyanka in those shorts, those LEGS, that long black hair, that lovely SMILE, taht radiant SMILE, that TEASING LOOK, most of all those sexy, CUNNING and cruel eyes – oh so LOVELY!

Ma’am, I was hooked the first night we watched a movie together, and I ended up pressing your legs , getting nothing in return – actually, I DID get a lot – all in the book – you get my drift!

But if there was a real life look alike to a young Jyoti, much like I saw a look alike in the park LAST year that could be Princess Joanie, right down to the SHOES – well it’s her!

One look at those hamstrings, those legs, as the other guys were lasvciously thinking of SEX – me?

Madam, I just want to press your legs, worship you, and be HUMILIATED AND TAUNTED, and nipples flicked, and HAND OVER MY BANK ACCOUNT!

Somehow, I feel, Madam knows it. 

Somehow, I feel she can FEEL my devotion right now.


Paye Lagu, Goddess.

Youre so worth it, so NICE!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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