Indian Femdom

Feet, feet, and more lovely Indian…FEET!

Feet all around me. Nothing new there is it? Hehe. Nah. I didn’t think so!

But I’ve been seeing something even more special. ONE sole. ONE Indian sole pointed straight at me all day. Different ladies – Queens – goddesses, so called under trodden women!

And like I keep telling you each woman needs her feet pressed DIFFERENTLY.

Depends on her weight. What kind of footwear Madam is wearing. Her mood. All these things!

An SO once caustically remarked, mocking me.

“Puri ladki dekho, just per nahi!”

Look at the whole girl, not just her feet, you fool!

Ah, but Madam, I do.

Like Carol said, I truly have a good eye for the girl – right down to the sparse hairs on her arms!

And so, without further ado.

The dhobans lovely black dirty sole as she sat cross legged, that pigtail so beautifully beckoning me!

Her entire sole, the sides especially hot in her lovely jootis – need a massage.

Another girl out there in the park while working out – one sole pointed at me – thr bottom of the toes, often ignored – need a massage. Madam is very tired from working and walking in sandals!

Third lady – well, in the park, relaxed, one foot under the other, one sole visible.

All profound poses!!!

And her BALLS – feet,boy! – need a rub while she giggled.

No, these aren’t my preferences. They’re hers.

And what matters is her preference.

Talk to her feet, boy, not her!

And when the soles transmute their preference and therefore their Goddess like owners preference to you from afar, you know you’re doing the right thing.

And that’s that!

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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