Indian Femdom

“His dick is really hard today!”

It was a long black dick.

Not too long, not too thick, perfect, actually, I’d say – like a certain “Sir” I once saw on Twitter! The head was so perfectly shaped, so succulent…

But let me “back up” – pun not intended.

As I woke up to my SO noisily farting in her granny pajamas (sexy for some, decidely NOT and never for most! – but what cucks and sissies love, ie seeing “just the sole” and nothing else with those granny pajamas – is a complete turn OFF for others – including dirty, cracked soles which she has of now, and more!) – I thought of the dream preceding it.

It was a noisy, wet fart – she wasn’t even shy about it like most women would be, especially when dating.

But why should she be.


SHe’s been “trained” well !

I’ve often said its all about getting HER into it – getting HER mindset to be female dominant, open to cuckolding, ass worship and such.

Most men dont get it – if it is predominantly a male fantasy and nothing else, it will never work out – and will usually ruin the relationship too.

Double whammy, but if SHE gets into it?

You’ll get double whammies all the time if you get my drift, hehe. All your holes will be FILLED, sissy!

More on this in the premier and one of a kind course on cuckolding out there – Cuck Central.

And her farts reminded me of Priyanka (Jyoti)  – the Indian Goddess I SO dutifully served every morning, licking her rosebud for hours so she could “go” – Madam was constipated.

That is mentioned in the sequels to the lovely story itself, all very worth a grab – and read – NOW.

But anyway … the dream.

I was there with a girl. A lovely girl, into me!

And there was a dick there, and a black dude, both in the background though, but both there.

The dong was vaguely familiar …  can’t remember whose! I’ve had so many! Hehe.

And I remember looking at it, my focus on the girl, and I even grabbed it to feel it.

Man, it felt like an iron ROD!

So HARD and pulsating was it, you know, that REAL hardness when a man’s really horny and turned on!

“It’s even harder today!” I noted. 

And then I kissed the girl, I believe.

Then I bent down, on impulse, gave the dick a lovely succulent smooch!

No cumshots, nothing of that nature, but I could taste the dick head in my mouth, and without thinking, I just kissed the girl deeply after that.

(normally, cum and blasts, and intense sexual desire forms part of these dream, this time, it was just about FEELING, EMOTION!)

(which is the main thing, of course).

It felt so NICE!


And she smiled at me, and really got into it – she was enjoying it!

I believe there were thoughts of cumshots later, either mine or his, I think mine, and she rubbed it all over my legs. Hehe. More on this in Indian Goddess, of course, there it was the soles being pampered!

But really, the KISS was what she enjoyed, sharing that lovely dick … (black dick, with that perfectly shaped HEAD!).

Being a cuckold is SO much fun!

So is being a sissy …

It’s always about HER Benefit, boy, and never forget that!

I still remember the smile, the eyes gleaming (nicely and not) at me …



Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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