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More on anklets – and why removing them for her during foot massage is SO sexy!

This should be read in conjunction with the last two emails in this vein – in which my lovely S.O., who is looking for another man – features heavily!

(note, if you want to meet her – join the Watson Faithful, and you’ll have a chance. I can’t guarantee, but you’ll have a chance, and if you’re a true femdom lover – just looking at her will make you leak, burst, explode, all likely in the same breath. She keeps me so HORNY for one, and she’s SO bitchy, oh , mY!)

But anyway … email one is here, email two is here, if you’re on the list. you have read both already if you’re paying attention (which I hope you are).

And as she lies there, feet the only thing visible, and her royal commanding soles – dirty again, she has been going barefoot literally “ordering” with each slap and movement of that LONG sole – she doesnt even tell me, she slaps with her feet – hard … I keep massaging, pressing, and focusing on the bottom (back) of the calf – the bottom part, where it meets the foot – an area where there is a lot of stress, and the ankles too!

She loves it, moans with pleasure, keeps pointing.

more, boy!

And as I do that, vigorously rubbing, ignoring the dull ache in my fingers and knuckles (not really. hehe. I’m in good shape!) – I take her anklets off!

And that almost makes me CUM.

A simple thing, you’d say?

Symoblic – especially with anklets and how they’re so damn SEXY!

But …

While it’s like taking her shoes off after she relaxes, maybe like taking a condom off a dong after he’s DONE (one of the sexiest things ever, especially if, as I detail in one experience in Sin City Diaries, as the condom STUCK to the hairs on the dong, and she – me – pulls it apart EVER so gently to avoid pulling the sensitive hair down there on the magnificent DONG) … or just her coat, or so forth in SOME regards, it’s different!

Anklets, well, jewelry in general is so PERSONAL.

And the only thing that feels nicer and sexier is taking her tampons off, bloody and all, during her period!

Taking them off, putting them BACK on – or in – for HER – as she lies there – rude, arrogant, and expects it done!

Those feet shine brightly in my consciousness, those SOLES!

And those ankles, the FAT ankles, oh, so nice!

Paye Lagu, Ma’am!

You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – I keep thanking her for calling me gay, that “I like boys penis”, because … she’s right! 😉

PS #2 – Meeting Ms Chen and Owned by Madam Aa Ling are two CLASSICS from the Watson library. Aa Ling did a lot of what I’m talking about above before taking me in hand too. Both of these are worth a look see and then some . Grab them NOW.

PPS – If you want to publish your own story with us, go HERE – and affiliates, apply here (lots of opportunity to make some decent DOUGH there!).

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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