Indian Femdom

I can NEVER get the smell of her soles off my hands!

Just look at the cover of Pooja Memsahib – Volume ONE– THOSE SOLES!


Staring you IN THE FACE as Madam is relaxed, comfortable, SMILING, ENJOYING, as it should be!

I wrote about natural femdom this morning – please READ that post before you read this, and then, in continuation …

It’s so natural for me to rub her feet – I do it right after work – I do it as submissively and expectantly as in the movie “The White Tiger” where the servants not only know it’s their role to serve, but feel GUILTY if they dont, and the Master and Mistress – well, they feel the opposite i.e. if they dont humiliate the servant enough – job not well done – or at all!

Unfortunately that is reality in India, but if you’re doing it from a fetish standpoint, as I do – again – read that link above?

I know one thing, as it stated in the link above, and in the book The White Tiger, once you get the smell of another man’s soles on your palms, you can never wash it off!

And you never can.

With my SO, the smell of her lotion, the smell of her sweaty feet, the rank armpits, the ASS- which is usually never washed either – my SO – she doesnt have a dick but she might as well have, she’s so MANLY!


And like a good woman, I’m bathed, clean, as I serve her…

Those SOLES, so grimy, so sweaty! And those legs, usually unwaxed, hairy, as I press them, kissing each strand of tiny hair, thanking her for being so slovenly!

Her ass, her shit – all of it, the smell is always in my nostrils!

(that book above is the BEST in terms of ass and SHIT worship, by the way!) 

AND I SO LOVE WHAT SHE DOES NATURALLY, how SHE SPEAKS to me horribly, naturally – its all so SEXY!

Like a real servant, actually….

Which is the real turn on in all this!

In all my books, I’ve made no secret of the fact it’s about REAL FEMDOM – one foot not just in the real world, but all feet in it, reality mixed in with a dab of creative license!

If when you see your significant other, Master or Mistress, you have to FORCE yourslf not to bend down and kiss their feet and do the above – well, you’re not a true femdom lover. 

Ditto for cocks, if the sight of cock doesnt want to make you LEAK, worship right then, you’re not a true cock lover!

And so forth.

it has to be a BURNING PASSION.???? 

And only then will you, the real femdom lover ATTRACT said passion into your life.

This post might as well be a contination of the above one.

I dont know why I Wrote it.

Because, I guess I’m fightng the urge to press my wifes soles right now, and worship her for HOURS!


Mike Watson

PS – To attract femdom in real life to you like this, and KEEP it there – – well, incorporate the tips in the bestselling BOOK on it! NOW.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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