Indian Femdom

Make me a sandwich, boy!

Yes, perfect Madam Sophia! What an honor it is!

For those of you on this list, you WILL remember one thing – that she’s the lady whose ass I was cleaning once – with my finger – and the “last bits of POO” shot out – and hit me SPLATTER STRAIGHT IN my eye!

I couldn’t even close it fully before her heavenly divine waste hit me.

To her, it might well have been a normal order she was issuing and she didnt blink an eyelid, but her third eye did, if you get my drift!

What a Goddess!

And I cleaned it again, then myself, then kissed her butt cheeks thanking her (as usual, but this time AFTER i cleaned my mouth!).

Her butt is too perfect – with crap hanging off my FACE, I’d never dare to kiss either her, or her butthole!

As for kissing her – an dher lips?

Forget about it, cuck!

Remember, boy! I’ll never suck your dick!

Thats only for my rock star!

And remember – SMACK! You can NEVER touch me or have sex with me! (unless I am serving her in an abject indeed manner!).

What a Goddess she is!

But anyway, what turns me even more!

You on this list know how it is.

A stud has sex, and he feels lazy.

She presses his feet lovingly “woman” style.

He smacks her ass.

“Go make me a sandwich, girl!”

And off she goes, to do just that!

And she’s HAPPY about it.

Thats natural with a REAL man, and REAL woman.

But with a cuck?

Madam Sophia, that one night when she was drunk on wine said it all. I’ve said it above!

But then, she smacked me one.

Let me try it now, Michael she said.

“Go fetch me more wine!” 

“Go take the trash out!” 

And then, the crux!

“Boy! Go make me somethin gto EAT! I’m hungry!” 

And this imperious lady sat there with her feet up, talking POLITELY to other men while she did this to me!

What a Queen – what a perfect Goddess – how HEAVENLY – what an honor! 

Paye Lagu, Goddess ji, you deserve it!


Mike Watson

PS – More such tales (TRUE TALES!) of Chinese femdom HERE.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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