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The dhobans younger – or older?? – daughters large flat feet stomping down barefoot on dirty unpaved road…

I often see it in the sub-continent. Indian women from lower classes, to serve whole, as I’ve written about is MORE of an honor – walking barefoot on the roads.

Not a bad thing at all health wise if you can avoid the dust and grime and debris etc lying around on Indian roads, usually extremely dirty and nasty.

I’ve written about this flirtatious older dhoban before of course, and her lovely daughter. Talking to her in bed one day, I came to know she has another daughter I had never seen.

I believe I did today though!

Like the other girl, she looks more like a model than a worker. So does her lovely older Mom, fingernails painted red today. She’s happy. Giggled away as always upon seeing me. My!

And this girl was walking barefooted down the road. I wondered why, then I got it.

The size of those soles – I knew instantly she was the other girls sister!

And her soles are so dirty – same as her sister who I’ve never yet seen walk barefooted – but the size, shape of the feet – I know they’re sisters. No doubt.

Watching her doing a version of something that recently went viral in India (two girls rubbing color on each other in a provocative manner in a crowded area) with her mother, thinking of a sub pressing her feet as she rests, the other girl striding in, flicking a finger and ordering sub away, ma ji of course at the very top of the food chain. My!

Takes “mother daughter duo” to a whole new level doesn’t it?


Add me in, and my.

True sub bliss eh.

As I told a sub of mine this morning about how Bhagwati took my dick pics that I sent him … After I came in her mouth.

“What must it feel like to have women that worship your cock so much that they kneel at your feet and take pictures?”.


He – or rather she, a recent Sissy Central convert – will never know, neither does his fat ass deserve to. Hehe.

Lots of sissy conditioning can be done just by observing how women think, react, act with each other….

Most idiot men never think though.


And it’s precisely why they don’t have successfully with women at any level.

It’s also the answer to the question foot freak sub asked me this morning.

You gotra understand the mind inside out. Be on both ends of the spectrum FIRST.

And that’s what I keep saying about.

All about the mind and vibe. That’s why we are so successful!

Products here.

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

PS – 25 odes to Indian maids that so truly DESERVE it – must get!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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