Indian Femdom

“Bless you dog!”


Oh man!

Man – looking at this lady I just saw outside, I’m not sure if she is a domestic helper, a maid, or whatever – she is from India, I know this – and that salwar, that lipstick seen FAR away – those long yet broad FEET!


She was barefoot outside her house, I was wondering if she was a “maid” or “Madam”.


And as she lifted one foot, I so wanted to see the sole!

My! Those feet, Madam, those feet are meant for KICKING!

And Indian women do it SO well when they want to. Hehe.

“Bless you dog!”

Was the lady who I spoke about yesterday – her feet are so nice too! And I replied with “the word charan was made for YOU, Madam!”

Then, another lady sitting outside her house staring a hole through me, it was all I could do not to … well, not to stare at her feet, but I looked anyway.

Red nailpolish!

As a certain Rachna Ma’am would always ask me with a VERY sly look, that cunning look women have in the eye when evaluating each other.

“Aur Nailpaint kauan sa?”

What color nailpolish was she wearing?

She knew Id notice, of course. Hehe.

So did Madam Carol, when I mentioned that a Chinese girl at the toll booth had “more hair on her forearms” she giggled and said “you notice a lot about the girl!”

Carol and Rachna are similar in a lot of ways, right down to the “sly look in the eyes” when evaluating other women, that GLEAM!

You know what I am talking about though, I’m sure!

I’m observant not just in that regard, but all. Hehe. It’s a skill I picked up naturally when I was young, survival basically, I still have it, always will, a part of me, “survivor” people often call me.

Or, a “tireless erotic research” as Madam Paula referred to me as!

Anyway – I thanked the Indian lady (the one I spoke about last night) just to do it.

“Seriously, Madam, thank you so much for being a dominant lady!”

I say that to all ladies that are dominant, dominating …

They all deserve it.

And back to kicking?

If there is one lady – or two, I could mention that KICKED – and oh my, HOW they did it!

Madam Priyanka, who’d often kick me away irritably when she had enough of being massaged.

“Chal HAT!”

And more … and when it comes to other forms of kicking, and busting BALLS – well, Garima Madam was the BEST!

She had lots of practice on “Rakesh” before moving on to me … Hehe.

You’ll read all about it in the two books “Garima Madam – the Prequel” – and “Garima Madam’s bitch” – both of which you should really get NOW, the best ever.

And thats that.

Those feet, so meant for kicking.

Indian female feet.

They drive me into a FRENZY.



Mike Watson

PS – If you’re into ballbusting, you’ll want to get Ballbusting 101 now as well. It keeps putting a “0” in front of the 101. Hehe. Balls? Eggs – nuts? Perhaps I should have named the course “Ball Busting 1010”!

I thought about it, actually. Then I left it the way it was. But it’s so apt, an INDIAN lady on the cover there! Hehe.

PS #2 – I completely forgot! This other old lady, I often see her with feet up, I wrote about her … out of the blue, I stopped, and we talked today (I just met her on the road). so – NICE!

I’d press her feet all night, massage her back – ALL DAY!

She so deserves it. Ma ji, Paye Lagu, if I might say so!

(this email truly would NOT be complete without an ode to her, so I re-edited it. I HAD TO!)

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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